Lou Reed

Energy Medicine Institute

What Is Shamanism❤️✨

Shamanism is not an organised religion, but rather a spiritual practice. Shamanism has touched all faiths and religions, reaching deep into levels of ancestral memory. A primal belief system that predates established religion, it has its own symbolism and cosmology, inhabited by Beings, Gods, and Totems who display similar characteristics, although they appear in various forms depending on their places of origin.

Shamanism: Ancient Roots

Shamanism is a spiritual practice that can be found in cultures around the world from ancient times up to present day.  Shamanic processes are practical. These processes have coexisted over millennia with many cultures, systems of government and organised religions.

Many formalised religions, from Buddhism to Christianity, come from ancient Shamanic roots and still have Shamanic threads of deep connection to the Divine in all things. But Shamanism itself is not a formalised system of beliefs or ideology.

Embracing Shamanism in the Modern World

Today, in non-indigenous cultures, Shamanism is practiced as a way of being in the world. People seek to be in a relationship with the spirit in all things. We work with information from non-ordinary reality or the quantum field, to intentionally inform our life experiences.

Just as in ancient times, we consult modern-day shamanic practitioners for practical solutions to energy challenges in everyday life from illness, professional challenges and family challenges to ancestral issues.

As Shamans, we work in trance states, altering our consciousness to allow us to travel to the realms of the invisible worlds. We gain information and make changes in the invisible realms, working with Spirit. We make changes in the invisible realms to impact the healing of people and/or communities in our ordinary realm.

For some people, Shamanic practice is a part of their culture and for others, it is contradictory. Some people are intuitively guided to work with a Shaman, generally when other options have been exhausted, without even understanding what a Shaman is or how we work.