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Soul Design The Science of Transformation

Energy Medicine Institute offers Soul Design foundation training. Discover your soul map and awaken to your true nature as a twelve-centered being. Discover the person that you were encoded to be before birth. A revolutionary step by step system that intimately reveals your individual soul codes. A system founded by our Founder Lou Reed. We are here to consciously, to navigate our lives through the heightened intelligence of our form. There is no greater time to discover the art of being and to be empowered to live a life in soul alignment. Are you ready to discover your true potential and take a journey of self discovery through EMI’s Soul Design System?

The New Human 6.0 Evolution

A great shift in consciousness has been prophesied for centuries. The new Human 6.0 evolution is being birthed into the collective now. You may already know that you are carrying ‘The New Human Coding’ – you may already be waking up and discovering your gifts in your soul blue print as a Energy Healer, a Medicine Woman, an Oracle, a Seer,  a High Priestess, a Nature Witch or Shaman you may have already begun to unlock your deeper soul essence. Whatever the case, you know you have come here to help birth the Golden Aeon and bring Heaven to Earth. Now is the time to activate your soul codes, step into your Highest Potential, so that you can make a global impact with your sacred medicine.

Energy Healer Course

Awaken The Medicine Within
Soul Design offers a map of your unique genetic design, with detailed information on both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. Using simple tools, Lou’s process guides you in discovering your own truth. You may know that you have come into this life to work at a higher level and are not sure how or were to start. Learn how to create your soul blueprint, uncover your soul lessons, discover your destiny map and discard that which is blocking you from sharing your medicine with the world.

Energy Medicine Institute Healing Course with Lou Reed

Energy Medicine Institute Medicine Woman Training with Lou Reed

Medicine Woman Course

Shape Your Medicine For The World
Living your Soul Design teaches you how to bring your genetic code back into alignment with your soul blueprint. EMI’s Soul Design System teaches you how to live in alignment with your true nature, allowing you to identify what is right and perfect for you as a soul, leading you to a path of deep self-discovery and profound self knowledge.  You undergo the Medicine Woman Rite of the 12 Light Bodies, the original ancient self-purification process. It is the most sophisticated energetic transformation process of its kind.

Energy Shaman Initiate

Become A Soul Architect
This is a truly groundbreaking experience of awakening that will leave you seeing through a different lens. Our Energy Shaman program has 24 original ancient rites of passage of the shaman activating the 22 creation codes. As the initiate shaman you sequentially undertakes and successfully passes through each of the rites of passage, learning how to master and change the creation codes in your soul blueprint.

Energy Medicine Institute Energy Shaman Training with Lou Reed

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“Energy Medicine is a powerful tool to discover your creative purpose. Unleash your feminine powers and share your creative gifts with the world.” – Amber Kuileimailani Bonici, Woman Unleashed Retreat


“I love working with women from around the world who know what it means to be at cause for transformation.” – Shiloh Sophia, MUSEA Intentional Creativity Foundation

Sneak Peak Inside The Training

Who Says Learning Can’t Be Sexy

EMI is much more than a training company. We believe that technology should be used to enhance your learning experience. This is why we never stop investing in developing our cross-channel platforms, to make the learning fun, intuitive and most of all, transform your life.

Energy Medicine Institute Energy Healing Course Platforms

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Create A World Beyond Ordinary

Tribal News Inc., an online campus for Medicine Women from around the globe. A call to come together as one and create a world beyond ordinary. To find inspirational women to befriend, to collaborate with to be inspired by. A tribe of like-minded energy warriors, changing the world by living the truth of who we are. Our passion is to create sustainable generational change, changing the world one act of courage at a time.

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