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A global online training platform that offers training for those who are interested in uncovering their unique energy codes, the fastest way to become a powerful creator who is ready for mastery.

Energy by Design

The Map


Ever wished you had a energy roadmap so when life happens you can go to the index, find the chapter with all of the answers and be taken step by step on how to move powerfully through life?


The Training

$396 a month

Become an Energy by Design Coach. For those who are looking to start an energy business or add a tool to your transformational toolkit. Learn how to unlock the secrets of your unique Energy Map.


The Tribe


The time of the lone wolf is over, it is time to come together as one, to work with inspirational women to befriend, to be inspired by, to collaborate with. Step into a global collective of way showers, women who are ready for mastery.



Way Shower, Powerful Creator

What They Say

About Energy by Design

5 Star International Training

” After decades of anxiety, night terrors, vertigo, of sleeping for years sitting up and barely sleeping, looping anxious and panic attacks. They have not only all gone!!! But I have actually stopped looking for them. Today I can sleep lying down, sleep through the night and wake up without ANY anxiety.”

Lea Akiona, Hawaii
Global Lead Medicine Woman Training
5 Star International Training

” Today I feel resourced for time in my life. I used to filter everything through unexpressed rage and frustration. Last year I was diagnosed with a challenging medical condition. I had No fear. No confusion, just absolute clarity on each step. Today I make decisions in life with ease and joy and flow with life.”

Vicki Cook, Australia
Global Lead Shaman Training
5 Star International Training

” This training has allowed me to create deep soulful relationships with not only myself but other women in my life. I was able to see my mum for the first time and create a way of communication adult to adult, mother to daughter. Rather than wounded child to wounded child.
What a gift!”

Wendy Pikkar, I USA
Global Lead Accreditation
Lou Reed - Energy Medicine Institute

Our Creator

I'm Lou Reed

For centuries each village had a shaman, children would be identified at a young age and trained by the village shaman. That was not my story.  I was trained by spirit.

As I walked my healing journey my guides walked with me through my lessons and initiations and guided me on my path.  It was a wild ride as it took a long time for me to understand, trust and listen to the spirit.

Over the years I shaped my spirit-led life into teachings, had them internationally accredited. I  have shared the teachings with 26,000 women in 86 countries. Then sponsored graduates who were inspired to create and lead women’s empowerment projects in their communities.

Our Story

#1 Best Seller

Energy medicine has the power to transform all areas of your life. 

The time of the lone wolf is over. It is time to come together as one, to value our worth and each others worth, to find inspirational leaders to befriend, be inspired by and collaborate with. If you have a burning desire to consciously CREATE HUMANITY, to create sustainable generational change for our future through story, then I invite you to connect with us and share your story.

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