Lou Reed

Energy Medicine Institute

What Is A Medicine Woman❤️✨

A Medicine Woman is a mysterious archetype, one that transcends all cultures and directions of time. Women develop skills as they become the caretakers of families and communities; many of us are being called to live in harmony with Nature, to become the conduits wherever we are.

The path of medicine women becomes inevitable, in other words, it’s an expression of life force whenever we cultivate a connection to Mother Nature… How it’s expressed is irrelevant. It’s about interconnectedness.

The Sacred Traditions of Plant Harvesting and Alchemical Practices

For centuries, plants were harvested during full moon and plant-based remedies with crystal essences were made into alchemical elixirs served to kings and queens on special occasions. Precious jewels are purposefully placed in gold geometric shapes as symbolic jewelry to be worn by the royal families.

The wizards designed power rings and crystals for protection… And now we have new modalities emerging for energy healing and sound healing. The one thing we know for sure is whatever your medicine is, the best way to honour your medicine is to practice it.

Unveiling the Essence of True Medicine: Bridging Modern Science and Natural Medicine

Modern day medicine supports unconventional medicine with the application of nanotechnologies and new-age ideas like the Unified Field and Singularity. Yet, timeless mysteries remain elusive and where do we even begin to explain: “what is true medicine?”

Nature remains elusive because some truths cannot be intellectualised. Aboriginal people, and representatives of shamanic traditions practice Spirit Medicine, and believe in the power of Nature’s own intelligence. Medicine People suggest that all answers are found in Nature. So, when we find our way back to being in harmony with life, we find the medicine we need.