What Is Our Eternal Body ❤️✨

Our eleventh layer is our eternal body or eternal soul, where our physical bodies are transformed into a light body and prepared for ascension, and is related to our 11th or eternal soul energy center. It is connected to and above our memory body in a linear funnel, and it’s shaped like a mushroom.

What Is Our Causal Body ❤️✨

Our seventh layer is our cathartic or causal body. Associated without divine or universal consciousness, and is related to our seventh crown energy center. Our causal body contains our life plan or soul contract and reflects all experiences and events that our soul has ever experienced.

What Is Our Physical Body ❤️✨

Our etheric aura is a blueprint or archetype for our physical body. Meridians and energy centers appear in this formation. Our etheric body doubles as a template for our physical body and appears as an energy matrix. It is described in qigong as meridians that transmit chi to our body.