Lou Reed

Energy Medicine Institute

What Is Our Base Energy Center❤️✨

Our base energy center when coherent, is around spirituality, purpose, and connection. As well as our relationships to Mother Nature and Mother Earth. It is connected with the underlying structures, both intuitive and order of our minds. It is also associated with pheromones and our sense of smell.

Our sacral energy center when coherent, is around motion and flow, representing the water element in our body. It has a relationship to reproduction and fertility, joy and desire, and the kind of rest that encourages immune system recovery. It’s associated with our sense of taste.

Our solar plexus energy center, when coherent, is around our fiery center for our unique powers and gifts. Our lives become in harmony with our value system. It defines the energy that guides our motivations, disposition, and mood, and it extends our ideas of what’s possible when we are inspired by it.

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