Lou Reed

Energy Medicine Institute

What Is Energy Healing?❤️✨

Upgrade Your Soul Codes

Energy Medicine Institute (EMI) offers Soul Design System training created by our Founder Lou Reed. If you feel called to play a key role in supporting to birth the New Human Blueprint into the world, then our training is where you will learn how to step into your highest vibration as a Soul and complete the role you came here to play as an Ascension Wayshower at this crucial time in Earth’s history.

What Is Our Soul Blueprint?

Our Soul Blueprint sits in the 5th dimension and is responsible for creating our reality. Think of it as our unique operating system as it drives our whole experience of reality as well as our attractor field. Our Soul Blueprint is a memory bank of highly detailed knowledge. It contains every single piece of information about everything you have ever experienced across all of your lifetimes.

Our Soul Codes Inform Our Multidimensional Selves How To Operate

When we first split from Our Higher Self, our Soul Blueprint was fresh and clean and 100% connected to Source through our Higher Self. Over time, we (like everyone else) made decisions that moved us out of alignment with who we truly are at our core and this created energy blocks, restrictions, code corruption and karma.

Are You Done With Looping Patterns?

These energy blocks show up inside our lives and businesses, restricting the flow of joy, peace, happiness, money, health and connection to our Gifts and Higher Purpose. When this occurs, it means that we are unable to express our Divine nature and access all of our Gifts in the way we were originally created. And as you probably know, clearing these blocks usually takes YEARS of daily work, healing and a lot of time, investment & effort…

Restore Your Soul Blueprint Back To Its Original Divine Perfection

If you’re reading this then it means that your Soul has decreed that you have the power to upgrade YOURS. We wouldn’t have connected otherwise. And that is a universal Truth. So as a Master Soul Blueprint Creator whose mission on Mother Earth is to support Humanities Soul Blueprint Upgrade.  I invite YOU to return to your unique

What is Energy Healing? I Invite You To Join Me & Return To Your Divine Perfection

Using the incredible power of the Higher Self, Light Codes and your Soul Blueprint, I can teach you how to re-code and upgrade your Soul Blueprint so you have a fresh clean Operating System for your consciousness to stream through. Think of it as cleaning a stained glass window – now you can allow the kaleidoscope of colours that are you, to radiate out into the world as medicine.