Lou Reed

Energy Medicine Institute

Shamanism & Wellbeing❤️✨

How can shamanism benefit your health and well-being? People seek shamanic healing for many different reasons. If they are living within a shamanic culture, shamanic healing is part of a multidisciplinary approach used for any dis-ease or imbalance, in partnership with physical healers, botanical medicines, changes in diet, and other therapies.

In modern Western society, shamanic healing is unfamiliar to most non-indigenous people. However, people are finding their way to modern-day shamans for all types of energy challenges. Especially when they are not seeing improvements with conventional approaches.

Shamanistic perspective on dis-ease

The perspective on individual dis-ease is different in shamanism than in the conventional medical view.

From a shamanistic view:
• Similar symptoms or diseases do not stem from the same underlying energetic root cause.
• Community disharmony often manifests in individual energy.
• Any illness may have a significant underlying spiritual or energetic root cause, regardless of the form in which that illness manifests – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or relational.

The sense that something is “missing” or that “I haven’t been the same since…” are indicators of an energetic loss of some type, including soul energy loss. Shamanic healing is compatible with both conventional medicine and integrative medicine, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, and others.