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Shaman Spirit Talkers Energy Medicine institute: The earliest mention of shamanism in Siberia is around the 14th century. It involved a reverence for all spirits since it was believed that everything in the natural world was governed by spirit force. Shamans in those days were not just limited to being healers, but they also took on other roles such as

  • curing diseases
  • interpreting dreams
  • blessing newborn babies
  • overseeing burials
  • serving as midwives

Yes, women were shamans, too. They are referred to as Shamankas. (shar mang ka)

The Persistence of Shamanism: Initiation and Evolution

Initiation was either a hereditary process through a parent, or when the individual felt a strong calling towards the cult and left mainstream society to dabble in the practice. Oftentimes, these initiations included episodes of rebirth, journeys to the underworld, or out-of-body experiences.

Shaman Spirit Talkers Energy Medicine institute. Research shows that the shamans from Siberia traveled across the Bering land bridge which connected Siberia to Alaska, this is how shamanism reached parts of North America, South America, and Africa. The Bering Bridge disappeared 12,000 years ago due to the melting of the Artic glaciers.

Today, these regions have several tribes and communities, which continue to persevere in the practice, each with its own variations and adaptations.