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Tribal NewsTV: Hi, I’m Lou Reed, Founder of TribalNewsTV, a global tribe where we give women a voice, a place where we tell the untold stories, where we connect and collaborate with women to rewrite their community story. So that together we can rewrite our global community story. Our vision is to create sustainable generational change.

Do you have a burning desire to change the world? Are you still looking for your place to start? Creating sustainable change is HARD!!! I know first-hand, that’s what inspired me to create TribalNewsTV, a global online platform for inspirational leaders. Wherever you are on your journey of awakening, you can get inspired, collaborate or tell your untold story.

TribalNewsTV is a not for profit organization, we align with the guidelines of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Addressing the global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, environment, prosperity, peace and justice.

This is an invitation to come together as one, to value our worth and each other’s worth. To find inspiration leader to befriend to be inspired by to collaborate with.

Blessed Be
Lou Reed, Energy Shaman❤️✨

Founder Energy Medicine Institute

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