Self Mastery Tonic


Know Thy Self

Self Mastery provides a range of benefits that can enhance physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It can help you feel lighter, more empowered, and connected, and increase awareness. Physically, it can enhance brain circulation, ground and protect against negative energies, and nourish Kundalini. It can also improve thought clarity, mood swings, and aid in completing projects. Furthermore, it has traditionally been used for ulcers and inflammation, and it can act as an addiction interrupter, analgesic, antidepressant, and anxiolytic.

Attributes: Relief, Spirit, Elevate, Wellbeing

Size: (100ml)



Know Thy Self “Attain the teachings from deep within.”


  • Rids body of waste materials
  • Addiction interrupter
  • Warming and stimulating
  • Nervous system tonic
  • Antidepressant + Anxiolytic
  • Brain and memory tonic
  • Traditionally used for ulcers + inflamed stomach lining
  • Analgesic (pain killer)

1 drop on your pulse point on wrist, every time you feel a craving.

Immuno-compromised individuals


Made With:

  • Calamus Root
  • Peach Flower Tea Tree

Activated By: Some of the Latest Healing Equipment and technology tools, (enquire if you would like to know more) as well as Hydrogen, Geometry, Neutralisers, Sound, Frequencies, Crystals, Intention and Love. 💖


How I Will Feel

  • Lighter mood
  • Emotion shift
  • Empowered
  • Greater awareness
  • Connectedness

May Assist With:

  • Enhances awareness by increasing circulation to the brain
  • Prevents addictive thoughts and behaviours
  • Protection from negative energies
  • Nourishes the Kundalini
  • Clear thought and reconnection
  • Grounding
  • Confidence strength and balance
  • Multiplies manifestation power
  • Good fortune
  • Enhance mojo
  • Ritual magic
  • Helps those who don’t “follow through” on their goals
  • Ability to complete projects
  • Balances mood swings
  • Guides one to take responsibility of one’s health
  • Mind and meditation
  • Clarifying and expanding
  • Self-expression and enhanced intelligence


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