What Is Our Greatest Gift.

Each aspect of our life is a part of the greater weave of our story. Our living masterpiece. The organs that were less than optimal for me were my sexual organs, they were vibrating at the frequency of abuse. Holding that frequency in my energy system for so many years created a life-threatening illness.

Which is how the EMI teachings were born. Was this experience challenging, hell yes, but is was also the turning point. It was the place where I went left instead of going right and ended up here, sharing my teaching with others to help them move into their sacred work. My greatest gift was my greatest wound, and when I started to heal, I found other women to share my learnings, and here we are today.

I invite you to look at each aspect of your life as part of the whole, and get curious around how it fits into your overall weave, and how it fits into the universal weave. What information is it giving you about your life, and what places are asking for tending? What is your greatest wound? Where are you on your path? Is there someone still in the darkness that you can shine a light for?