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And Create EXTRAORDINARY Results In Your Life

Do you want to live an extraordinary life?

If yes, it’s time to see yourself as extraordinary.

I’ve never met anyone who said, “ I just love living an ordinary, mundane life.”

And yet, so many are.

Why is that?

It’s not because you don’t have dreams and desires. It’s not because you don’t want more. It’s not because you don’t have what it takes.

The real issue is that you don’t see yourself as the woman you truly are: extraordinary.

Yes you! You are extraordinary.

What is extraordinary?

beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established; exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, etc.;  noteworthy; remarkable.

Hi there!

I’m Lou Reed,
It’s lovely to meet you.

I work with women from all over the world who want to transform their mindset because they know they can only create to the edge of how they see themselves.

However, it seems not that long ago, I felt like there should be more to life, like there was something missing in life.

Like so many others, I convinced myself that this was simply how life is and this would be my life.

I did not see myself as extraordinary.

The result? A vanilla life.

I was afraid to take risks. I loathed my own reflection. I was constantly overwhelmed. My life was unmanageable by me.

I was living in the shadows of life instead of stepping up onto its global stage.

Lou Energy By Design

One night, I had a near death experience, that changed everything?”

I fell back into the world between world, I saw behind the veil.

I saw the birth of my soul, I saw my energy blueprint, I saw my unique energy codes and how they were created, how they shaped my reality. I saw who I was born to be.

This experience shook me to my core. I actually had a built in roadmap for life. What…

I experienced my deepest self, I knew on a deep soul level who I was born to be and the steps that I needed to take to get there.

I was born to be an extraordinary woman — a woman who sets BIG goals, a woman who loves all aspects of self, and had her own back, a woman who lived an extraordinary life.

I started to explore my unique energy codes and they showed me how to get to know myself on the deepest level and let go of everything that was holding me back. Everything that was not me.

As a Master Life Coach who also loves the world of energy, it has become my mission to help women transform how they see themselves so that they can live the lives the dream of.

You only have one life.

Why not make it extraordinary?

Extraordinary women do extraordinary things.

We set extraordinary goals for ourselves — goals that change how we see ourselves.

We show up on purpose — in our energy, communication, and style.

We create our ideal surroundings — the people we are around, the books we read, the places we visit, the energy of our homes.

We decide what we think about ourselves — and we choose to see ourselves as extraordinary.

And, as we begin to see ourselves in a new way, what we see begins to change as well.

So, if you’ve been feeling like your life is mundane, ordinary, and just plain boring.

Or …

You think to yourself, “I want more for my life,”  …

Tap Energy By Design

I’d love to invite you to join me for …

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Over three days, we will explore how to defy the ordinary by focusing on three areas …

Day One: Extraordinary Mind

Most women are living in a default mindset. We wake up thinking the same ordinary thoughts, doing the same ordinary things, and feeling the same ordinary ways.

If you want life to change and be extraordinary, you must think like an extraordinary woman.

In this program, you will be challenged to think “outside of the box” and into what’s possible.

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Day Two: Extraordinary Body

Your Energy goes beyond your physical. It’s how you express yourself in communication, body language, and yes, through your clothing. In other words, body coherence is how you show up in your life.

Energy matters.

How you show up is impacting how you see yourself. And, how you see yourself is shaping your entire life.

In this program, you’ll be challenged to show up powerfully with your unique style.

Day Three: Extraordinary Soul

Your energy codes are impacting you every single day — how you think, what you feel and what you do.

Are you shaping your energy codes on purpose to support the woman you desire to be?

If you want to live an extraordinary life, you need to create extraordinary surroundings — people who challenge and celebrate you, the books you read, the music you listen to, the places you go, the home you create.

In this program, you’ll be challenged to upgrade your surroundings to match the life you desire.

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Ready To Defy Ordinary? Ready To Be Extraordinary?
I’ll show you how.

Join me and other amazing women for:

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“Lou teaches women TO THINK in ways that best serve themselves and how to CREATE a life of which they’ve always dreamed.

She has the ability and determination TO GO DEEP into the issues that keep us hopelessly stuck and then lovingly makes it incredibly fun along that journey.

God broke the mould when he made this extraordinary woman! Can’t emphasize (from personal experiences) enough THE GIFT of Lou and her programs.”

– Tania D.

“Lous teachings have challenged and changed my mindset for the best… tough love and all. Logical and compelling down to he deepest desires. She is, indeed a Master Life Coach walking the talk. Well done. Thank you Lou!”

– Marcia M.

Marcia M

“I found Lou back in 2014. She talks the talk and walks the walk. She inspires on al level of true grit and grace. Sha asks the tough questions, and she also can be your biggest cheerleader.

She has been there done that AND she brings questions and topics to the table that are desperately needs, stimulating conversations that change lives. She reminds me that life is so worth living, and doing it at my best every day.

And when we have not so good days, and we all do , she reminds us to not stay in that thought. To love yourself through it. we are all i tis together, helping each other straighten our crowns.”

– Marcia Kirby Rios

“First of all Lou is an excellent coach. She shows you how to shift your thinking so that you can enjoy your life as it is, and how to take the next steps to lead the life of your dreams. Her ability to get to the core of the issue is outstanding. I am confident learning from her. And it was so much fun to read her posts. Love her humour and honesty!”

– Karen C.

Karen C

Time To Be Extraordinary…