How To Recalibrate Our Energy System.

Our coaching are about understanding our energy system, and how to work with our energy system to recalibrate it to the frequency of our pure potential. So, that we can manifest from that place. The place where everything simply flows. Every single graduate of EMI has experienced it.

They generally come to me and say, “I want a career, I want a new this, I want a new that.” And I say, “Why don’t you just dream big.” And they say, “Oh, I need a marketing plan, I need a business plan.” And I always say, “No you don’t, you just need to show up and clear your energy system.” And the universe will do the rest.

As human beings, we tend to severely underestimate our ability. We think we want a car when we really want an airplane. But our conscious mind can’t even comprehend that big. So, it goes small.

We’re better off when we simply show up as fully as we can, clear our energy system and be willing to be of service to the world. And then allow our internal compass to guide us. Because we could never, imagine how incredible we are, or what an incredible life the universe has planned for us.