What Is Trauma?

I put my personal experiences of being kidnapped in a box and threw away the key. That is a common way to deal with trauma, but not an effective way. The experience wasn’t living in my conscious mind, but it was still in my energy system, so the energy or the frequency that was feeding my organs had been changed to that of my wounded story. The organ that was particularly affected was my ovaries, I had a challenge with cancer in the ovaries.

When I went to the doctor he said to me, “You have a positive test for cancer,” I refused to believe that. I worked with the energy of clearing anything that’s blocking me from optimal health. So I just kept doing the energy work, I kept holding the energy, or that frequency of what I wanted to create, which was really challenging, because when you’re in fear, particularly fear for your life, it can be challenging to hold a high frequency. I was sensible.

There were certain western medical things that I did do. I went for the appointments. I went for all the tests that were suggested. And I showed up fully in all areas. It took three years and 10 operations, then they finally said to me, “You’re cancer free.”