Duration: 3+ months
With A EMI Master Coach: $1,800
With Lou Reed, Shaman: $6,000
Limited spaces available to work with Lou subject to availability

The Energy ReSet Series
1 x 90 minute Energy BluePrint Session
5 x 90 minute Coaching Sessions
1 x 45 minute Follow-up Session
A Energy by Design Self-Reflection Journal
High-touch accountability
48 week self-coaching program

Your entire life can look — and more importantly feel — entirely different in just a few short months. Your Master Coach, will intuitively guide you to become an energetic match to what you truly desire.

You’ll gain clarity over what it is you truly want (not what you’ve been told you should want). You’ll feel empowered to confidently step into your desired future…maybe for the first time ever.

You’ll embrace a new way of thinking by breaking through mindset limitations and barriers that have been holding you back. And you’ll have the tools and skillset to continue to work on your mindset for life.

You’ll embody a new way of being. You’ll ground your nervous system, up-level your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions. In short, your outer world will shift with your inner world.

Full mind, body, and soul transformations led by awareness, clarity, mindset shifts, identity shifts, and soul-aligned action. This is a journey that we will approach with curiosity and compassion…a journey where I will provide a safe container for us to explore all aspects of your being — every step of the way.

Results You Can Expect 

  • Consistently embodying and taking action as your next-level self.
  • Knowing you are inherently worthy and enough.
  • Feeling grounded in your nervous system and at ease with yourself.
  • Taking imperfect action toward your goals, habits, and dreams.
  • Feeling authentically and unapologetically you.
  • Breaking through the fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • Connecting to your core values and enjoying life more.
  • Setting empowered boundaries in your business and life.
  • Cultivating a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity.
  • Courageously speaking up about your needs and desires.
  • How it works: 

One-on-One Coaching

“Coaching, designed for women who are ready to step into their next level.” – Lou Reed, Shaman 

Our 1:1 coaching is designed to empower you to shift your identity, gain clarity over your desires, let go of inner limitations, and create the life you (truly) want — together.


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