What Is Overwhelm?

Science has now told us that our memories, our thoughts and emotions, they don’t live in our mind. They actually live in our subtle bodies, or the subtle energy around our physical, our energy field. And when we don’t clear it, it can show up as feeling heavy, like we’re carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, feeling overwhelmed, there’s just too much information for us to hold.

In fact, there is simply too much going on, and it’s not all in our external world, it’s all of your wounded stories and our energetic cords of attachments, that are in or connected to our subtle bodies, that are crowding you out. Subtle bodies are that first part of the energy system that the divine energy flows into, and generally that’s where all the toxic energy sits.

I had a beloved that came in, who had cancer in his physical, and had it reoccur three times, that is simply because western medicine is pushing it out of his physical into his energy field. As soon as his immune system is compromised, it simply comes straight back. It’s really important that we do our energy work and learn how to clear our subtle bodies for energetic health.