What Is Our Higher Self.

Our highest self is our spiritual consciousness, our higher nature. From a practical point of view, it can function as our guides, soul, and connections to the divine. It is the energy of life and form. Our higher self exists as a spiritual form in our personal consciousness, which is always in contact with spirit. As a spiritual expression, it follows the same rules as many spiritual agents, it responds to requests.

It guides us in our destiny, we can say that it is an agent of our soul. However, it is not our soul, but it is so like, it works closely with our conscious self and our survival self. As our guardian angel, it links us to our soul, the universe, and the highest self of others. As our highest self exists in a spiritual dimension, it cannot violate anyone or anything. Even if our highest self has deeper wisdom, it will not supersede our conscious choice unless we ask it to.