What Is Our Eleventh & Twelfth Auric Layer?

Our eleventh Auric layer is our eternal body or eternal soul, where our physical bodies are transformed into a light body and prepared for ascension, and is related to our 11th or eternal soul energy center. It is connected to and above our memory body in a linear funnel, and it’s shaped like a mushroom.

Our twelfth layer is our universal mind/body or divine consciousness level, known as the ultimate connection to the divine, universal consciousness, ascended masters, and is related to our 12th universal mind energy center. It is located in a fluid like illumination, penetrating our entire embodiment of our 12 auric layers or esoteric bodies. Now that we have explored our 12 auric layers of the subtle bodies and how they connect us to our destiny blueprint. It’s my hope that you will work with this information to fulfil your destiny in this lifetime.