Our Bodies Are A Wholistic Energy System.

For millions of years, ‘traditional’ cultures have defined the human body as a ‘wholistic’ energy system with an innate ability to self-heal. It is only now that modern science is catching up, by uncovering scientific evidence that supports these ancient concepts.

Albert Einstein shattered the idea that this world is just one big clock ticking away. He was able to prove that even gravity, which keeps our feet on the ground, is an energy field. In fact, all matters (which include our human bodies) are made of atoms, which are simply a set of interacting fields of energy!

His work in physics confirmed that the human body is a well-integrated biological energy system with the innate ability to self-heal; i.e. to rebalance itself, if it is fed the right kind and amount of energy; at the hand of an experienced and a qualified healer.