How To Heal Our Greatest Wound?

Each aspect of our life is part of our greater weave. Our greater story. Our living masterpiece. For me, the gland that was less than optimal was my adrenal gland. Which spoke to the part of my story where I was conceived, from a violent act. My mother had PTSD, and in her womb, I learned that PTSD was the physical default. I walked through life creating circumstances that allowed me to default back to PTSD.

It was Energy by Design that gave me the language to understand the stories that were shaping my life, to find the perfect frequency, as medicine, and infuse it into my energy system, bringing me back into alignment with my original energy blueprint, and shine a light for those that were still in the darkness, so they can find their light.

I invite you to start to see each piece of information that life gives you, as part of your overall weave, and lean in and get curious around how it informs your greater weave, and how your weave fits into the universal weave.