How To Get Deep Soulful Change.

EMI’s view on energy systems is that when we understand how it works, and start to work inside of that, follow the thread and clear it, it will give us deep, sustainable, soulful change.

Whereas, I feel in my experience with psychology, they often drug you to numb you, to manage the emotions, rather than actually clearing them. Which suppresses the emotions, causing a whole raft of other issues. Or you go back into the energy of the trauma, without being resourced. I don’t see that as helpful.

What we do is flush out the energy system, so the energy from the Divine can come through and start to inform your life. The cells of our body are like compasses, and each cell has a program, like a computer. When optimal energy flows through us, it reactivates the cells. The cells switch on, and the cells start to do their job inside of our system.