How Can We Move Into Wholeness.

In my healing journey, I woke up to the part of me that was a healer and a teacher. Before that, I was always an entrepreneur. But the teacher, and the healer, and the artist came forward as I cleared my energy system.

I started exploring creativity as a way to heal. That was the missing piece that really brought together the three levels of consciousness. It helped me understand that each level of consciousness speaks a different language, and when I work with the level of consciousness, in the language it speaks, we get deep sustainable transformation.

As I started to re-image the way I saw myself, and the way I saw the world, then my individual mind unified, that’s when I knew I had achieved deep sustainable change, that’s when I started introducing this work into my practice with my beloveds. That’s the moment I started teaching it, and here I am now, with a global online business.