Heart & Small Intestine Meridian.

The ancient Chinese considered the twelve main acupuncture meridians, as though they were officials in the body’s kingdom. Each official with their job and part of our personality, affecting how we function in the world. Let’s go through a brief description of the officials and their duties.

Our heart Meridian is yin energy and runs to our small intestine Meridian, which is yang energy. Our heart Meridian, when coherent, represents the queen. It is the ruler of our kingdom and holds the space for other officials so that they can do their job.

As with any government if it is weak, the whole kingdom feels insecure and on shaky ground. For us, this may feel like anxiety, as nothing feel safe or secure. Our small intestine meridian when coherent is the sorter of pure from impure. Whether that is from food sound around us or the nightly news. It sorts out what we need to take in.