Do You Know Your Unedited True Self.

Quite often my graduates use Energy by Design to support what they already do in the world. One graduate is an interior designer who has clients wanting to create a feeling in an environment, but they don’t know how to language it. She is using energy work to give language to the spaces for her clients.

Before she came to EMI she suffered from terrible social anxiety, it was so bad that she was unable to even go to school. She has now graduated from interior design school and is working with clients face-to-face. A lot of my graduates talk about this incredible internal peace that they now have, the internal war that they used to have is over.

They organically make healthier choices around business, relationships, life, even food. They feel more fulfilled. But they have challenges, don’t get me wrong, but they are resourced for the challenges that come up. They know when they need help and they’re able to ask for it. A lot of people, when they first come to EMI, don’t even know who that unedited true self is, let alone, be able to share it with someone.