Can We Trigger Our Healing?

Until recently, the idea of people having energy meridians was broadly considered to be some sort of superstitious, Eastern woo woo, until a few brave scientists came along and started doing experiments. They proved that energy meridians really do exist and can affect our wellbeing.

What they have discovered so far is that it is the body’s innate electrical current that governs our nervous system. It governs how our body responds to injury, including triggering tissue repair and regeneration. It regulates our consciousness and governs and influences a number of processes, from growth, to defence, our immune system, to the overall functioning of the human organism.

When Western scientists started to experiment with the traditional acupuncture meridians, by Traditional Chinese Medicine, they discovered low resistance pathways for the flow of electricity around the body. To put it another way, they discovered that energy meridians are in fact, real, and that they do move the ‘flow’ of energy around the body.