What Is PTSD?

As a child, I was kidnapped by people who are known today as Australia’s worst serial killers. I put that experience in a box and threw away the key, I felt that if I ignored it, it would go away. I found that it actually doesn’t. Trauma like that stays rolling around in our subconscious mind, and constantly tries to reconcile it, the subconscious works on overload 24/7.

I did not realise that I was hyper-vigilant, and had PTSD, because my energy system was constantly trying to keep me safe. It was ON all the time. Which lead to a challenge with cancer. So I’ve learnt that we cannot simply bury something in our energy system, and have it just magically disappear. It stays in there, it rolls around, and it causes havoc.

It’s like leaving a thorn in your thumb. It’s painful, sometimes you can get busy and ignore it, but it’s still there. There’s that dull pain in the background. And until you pull it out, it’s going to keep festering and causing all sorts of problems. And the longer it stays in there, the more chronic the illness becomes.