In our 48 week Self Coaching Program you learn how to walk the Hero’s journey. An extraordinary set of tools that allows you to navigate the story of YOU, to discover the parts that are keepers, discard the toxic parts that no longer serve you, and then author and manifest a more empowering story. 

Joseph Campbell, discovered that all storytelling follows the ancient pattern of story. That all stories, from a ‘tragedy of wasted potential’ to a ‘triumph of the human spirit’, can be understood through the lens of the Hero’s Journey, whose principles we will work with to guide us on our journey of self-discovery. 

Campbell was a student of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. The ideas in the Hero’s Journey are often referred to as ‘Jungian’. This series is based on Jung’s idea of the archetypes, consistently repeating characters, who occur in the dreams of all people, and the stories of all cultures.

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