Energy By Design – Awaken Sessions

7 x 90 minutes sessions Price: USD $1,800 (payment plans available)

7 one on one sessions with a global EMI trainer working with spirit animal medicine to transform corrupt energy codes in your DNA strands.
Recoding your DNA awakening the spirit medicine that lays dormant in the cells of your being.
Learn how to explore the shamanic medicine wheel, a powerful tool that connects us to our spirit medicine so that we can move through life in flow.

The Unfolding Sessions

  • Session 1: How to move through life in flow session
  • Session 2: How to powerfully start a new cycle in your life through the lens of the east and eagle medicine
  • Session 3: Lighting your soul fire & claim your belonging through the lens of the south and wolf medicine
  • Session 4: Connecting with your ancestral medicine through the lens of the west bear medicine
  • Session 5: Upgrading your internal image of self with the medicine from each turn of the wheel through the lens of the north and buffalo medicine
  • Session 6: Coming home to self, pausing and reflecting on this turn of the wheel
  • Session 7: As above so below, calling in the programming to move forward into the next phase of your becoming

Just Some Of Our Transformations

This training has allowed me to create deep soulful relationships with not only myself but other women in my life. I was able to see my mum for the first time and create a way of communication adult to adult, mother to daughter. Rather than wounded child to wounded child.
What a gift!”

Wendy Pikkar, USA
Global Lead Accreditation

After decades of anxiety, night terrors, vertigo, of sleeping for years sitting up and barely sleeping, looping anxious and panic attacks. They have not only all gone!!! But I have actually stopped looking for them. Today I can sleep lying down, sleep through the night and wake up without ANY anxiety.”

Lea Akiona, Hawaii

Global Lead Medicine Woman Training

Today I feel resourced for time in my life. I used to filter everything through unexpressed rage and frustration. Last year I was diagnosed with a challenging medical condition. I had No fear. No confusion, just absolute clarity on each step. Today I make decisions in life with ease and joy and flow with life.”

Vicki Cook, Australia

Global Lead Shaman Training