The Power of Energy Medicine Book

Deep within the collective heart of all women, there is a yearning. An unsatisfied hunger, an ache for something more; for something else. A caged restlessness filled with whispers of longing for something lost and forgotten, our shaman.

Often we do not know who we are or what runs our life story. We move through life on autopilot and our connection with our story can be vague. It becomes something that ‘happens to us’ instead of ‘us happening to life’.

What if we were able to peek between the worlds and journey to a place where our story lives? What if we could bring healing to our story so that we could step into the fullness of who we are meant to be.

When we say YES to ‘coming home’ to ourselves, we are saying YES to moving powerfully toward that which is our work to do in the world. Our path toward our life purpose, staying true to our identity.

Each path is an initiation that prepares us for our future. No ‘initiate’ gets past the

threshold, without having gone through the trials it takes to forge a Self on the altar of humanity.

The power of energy medicine is a collection of stories by the energy medicine institute council of elders who share with you how they forged self on the altar of humanity, how they worked with energy medicine to transform their lives and the lives of those they love.