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Zero Poverty

Zero Poverty

Zero Poverty – In Nepal 25% of people are living on less than 50 cents per day

Our second inspirational leader is Dikchya, a humanitarian from Kathmandu, Nepal.

As a result of extreme poverty and discrimination in some regions of Nepal, many newborn babies are discarded, often outdoors amongst the rubbish, where they are left to die. The disabled and elderly can become too much of a burden on their families and suffer the same fate, forced out of their homes, left to die on the streets or under bridges from the cold or starvation.

A local woman, Dikchya, made it her life purpose to provide food, shelter and love

To offer a solution to zero poverty. She currently houses over 75 women, men and babies, while they have a roof over their head they share one toilet and have no shower. Her community has become one big family where they all take care of each other, providing purpose as well as a home, often for the rest of their lives.


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