When Our Energy System Is Not Optimal ❤️✨

When our energy system is not optimal, we can experience low-frequency emotions like anxiety, anger, depression, deprivation, and fear. The opposite state to bliss. The state that we are born in. When we are in the low-frequency emotions, we make low-frequency choices, we make low-frequency actions.

This only perpetuates the low-frequency energy. Whatever frequency we put out into the world, that’s the frequency that we attract back.
At some point we need a pattern interrupt to block that old way of being and make a change. Which can show up as a chronic illness.

It can show up as Groundhog Day, the feeling of repeating the same events over and over, attracting the same kind of partners, friendships, or the same kind of experiences in life. We vibrate at a frequency, we continue to loop into that frequency and keep reattaching those experiences, the experiences that we actually hate.

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Lou Reed, Energy Shaman ❤️✨
Founder, Energy Medicine Institute


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