Lou Reed

Energy Medicine Institute

What Type Of Medicine Woman Are You?

I believe today, the Medicine Woman is the most suppressed archetypes, and also the one who is re-emerging. What Type of Medicine Woman are you?

She was/is The Herbalist, Nature Witch, The Oracle, The Priestess, Queen, The Seer, The Shaman, Warrior and Wise Woman. She holds the gifts of healing, perspective and expanded consciousness. Also, she sees the past and future through the eyes of compassion and deep into the hearts of others. Her passion is to serve and restore balance, harmony and healing to humanity and the planet. And she is needed now more than ever. The question is: Which Modern Medicine Woman Are You? Which one do you resonates with.

1) The “Seer” (Intuitive)
She sees through dimensions and across time and space. The ability to be a Seer underlies many other Medicine Woman capacities, particularly that of the Oracle and the Shaman. Her capacity for “sight” allows her to peer through the multidimensional fabric of existence. She sees the expanded energy field and multidimensional reality of life.

2) The Empath
Untrained, she is at risk – picking up and carrying the weight of others emotions. Trained, however, her hyper-sensitive system senses the emotions and energetic states of those around her, allowing her the compassion to guide and support them, unencumbered. She may choose to work as a healer on a subtle energetic level or help others see the greater patterns and energies operating in their lives, therapeutically.

3) The “Prophet”/Oracle
The Oracle sees and tells the truth from a high, multidimensional viewpoint. She serves as a guide for others in their quest for soul truth and aligned action. In ancient times she held a powerful place in society as the moral compass to ruling families. Her gift as a Seer, is combined with a powerful voice – speaking fearlessly of the dark as well as the light.

4) The “Shaman”/ Soul Healer
She holds the gifts of the Seer, and is supported by her animal and plant spirit guides. Also, she travels between the veil of the seen and unseen dimensions, uncovering her client’s soul secrets and revealing wounds, to heal trauma and restore power. She understands the Hero’s Journey through life and death – because she’s lived it. She works through the physical body and subtle energies in order to support healing. Her work is grounded and real, leading to powerful transformation.

5) The “Priestess”/ Ritualist
The Priestess is a holder of ritual and ceremonial space for women to come together in circle to heal and grow. She builds cohesion in her community. She reminds us of our power and spiritual connection. Additionally, she supports spiritual commitments and often serves as a conduit for spiritual energy. Deeply connected to her sexual power, she assists men and women in embodying divine love, while helping women embody their own sacred feminine power and authority.

6) The “Nature Witch”/ Earth Medicine Holder
The Nature Witch intuitively connects to the healing power of plants, medicinal herbs, plant essences, crystals and elements of nature. She brings balance and health back to the human body and spirit, through the deep healing energies provided through Mother Earth. Her craft is knowing how to support those around her, healing diseases physically, and psychologically, while correcting energetic imbalances. She may call herself a bee-keeper, herbalist or midwife, but she is a Nature Witch.

Regardless of your gifts, it is our mission as Modern Medicine Women, to discover and give birth to our powers and to heal the wounds of this lifetime (and others) in order to shine brightly and fearlessly again, even if it appears most of your world doesn’t fully “get it”.

Together we are bridging the past to the future.