Lou Reed

Energy Medicine Institute

What Is Our Third Eye Energy Center ❤️✨

Our third eye energy center when coherent, is around connection with our pineal gland and rules our telepathic ability, a vortex of subordination, it is empowered by critical thinking, especially when we seek to release fear and guilt. Through our third eye, we can become more lucid, deepening our understanding that you duality is an illusion. Opening our third eye energy center allows us to understand symbols and receive messages in both dreams and waking life.

Our crown energy center when coherent, is around our nervous system and our brain. We tap into its power by becoming present in our body through journeying, visualization, and relaxation. It can look like a circle of light around our head and is an expansion into space where we connect with the rest of the universe. It is related to transcendence and wisdom.

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