What Is Our Fifth And Sixth Auric Layer ❤️✨

Our fifth auric layer is our etheric template. Associated with aspects of our physical body and related to our fifth throat energy center known as a blueprint of our lower etheric body and is where matter is shaped into our physical aspect.

The vibrational level in this layer is where sound creates matter. Balance and restoration of physical illness in our lower etheric body requires healing work at this level. It extends up to two feet around our physical.

Our sixth auric layer is our celestial body and is associated with enlightenment and relates to the sixth, third eye energy center. It is composed almost exclusively of light and is known as the intuitive level. This layer gives us access to higher quality feelings, thoughts, and manifestations. It extends up to a foot around our physical

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Lou Reed, Energy Shaman ❤️✨
Founder, Energy Medicine Institute

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