What Do You Want To Transform In Your life ❤️ ✨

I’m so excited to be able to share these teachings with you. Over the past two decades I’ve seen so many people transform their own lives, live through their pure potential, manifest a business and life they love, then guide their beloveds to do the same.

For me, I had an accident a number of years ago, I was housebound and the medical fraternity had literally said that I would spend the rest of my life medicated in a chair in a psychiatric hospital.

That really inspired me to find another way. It was through these tools and techniques that I’ll share with you in this training, that I was able to take what I had learnt from decades of healing experience and create this revolutionary healing training. I had it accredited and it quickly became a global online business. It’s time to unlearn so that we can relearn.

Would you like to learn how to move your energy blocks yourself?

Join our Energy ReBALANCE Program A six-week training, activating six energy codes that will awaken your Inner Healer. An ‘energy code’ is a key that unlocks the ability for you to call in whatever it is you are desiring to manifest. Each of the six energy codes have there own unique activation processes, which will allow embodiment of the codes to happen. Create physical manifestations faster!

This training is normally offered at $497

We have the vision to create a ripple of Energy Medicine around the world
We partnered with our Not For Profit to give a sponsorship of $470
For the first 100 to register.

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Lou Reed, Energy Shaman ❤️✨
Founder, Energy Medicine Institute


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