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What Are The Tools Of A Shaman❤️✨

What are the tools of a Shaman? As Shamans we use techniques and tools to carry out our rituals. These may vary, but the main essence remains the same. Drums and rattles are essential elements. However, in certain parts of the world, they are not used at all. The main focus is on how effectively the shaman can connect with the energies required for healing. Detachment from ego and pride are the main lessons that a shaman works to master.

Shamans Techniques

What are the tools of a Shaman? Some of the techniques used include soul retrieval, spirit channeling, stone healing and sacred pipe. In each of these processes, the shaman journeys to other worlds. However, he/she retains control over their physical body. In soul retrieval, the shaman enters a state of trance to bring back missing parts of a client’s soul. In stone healing, stones are used to create power bands around the individual, for protection. These serve as shields.

Spirit Channeling

Spirit channeling is one of the most common tools. We make a direct connection with the spirit world and our beloved’s body. The spirits send their healing through compassionate songs. The sacred pipe is used mostly by shamans in North America.

Shamans are dressed in robes made from animal skin, accompanied by an elaborate headgear and a percussion drum (or tambourine). The headgear is made up of bird feathers, and these give the shaman strength and versatility. In some traditions, the headdress is made of deer antlers.