Transforming Unsafe ❤️✨

What is unsafe and how do we work with energy to transform it?
In this powerful story of transforming unsafe through the power of energy medicine, Lou interviews one of the Council of Elders, Diana Bonnicci, who shares with you: 1. What happened 2. What it was like before energy medicine 3. What is it like now after energy medicine? This is an excerpt from the book ‘The Power of Energy Medicine.’

Lou: Diana I would love for you to share a significant life experience where you worked with energy medicine to transform your life? 

Lou I believe our body is a temple for our soul. We are all light beings in a body. I believe our purpose in this life is to let our light shine, share love and compassion for ourselves and others. My safety need story, was that I was not safe in this world nor in past lives. I needed to stay small to stay safe. It was not safe to let my light shine. I realise on many levels in this life and past lives, this was true. Through energy medicine, I have transformed this story. As one of many empathic sensitive light beings on this journey,

   I learned not to share my light or knowledge for safety reasons.   

It’s time to let our light shine and share our stories for the healing of ourselves, others, and this beautiful planet, Mother Earth. I feel I have been guided my whole life and this is a new calling that I am surrendering to. At seventy-two, through my energy medicine healing, I was encouraged to fully embody my angel energy. I realised at that moment that I had not owned nor truly embodied my angel energy.

I felt like I came out of the closet. It was like taking off my dark glasses and seeing and living the Light that has always been here. The light that is me. I would join the light in guided imagery but how do I connect with Mother Earth and this body. To me, angel energy is a vibration or frequency of light and love that we are all a part of, that is the temple of my body and includes my body and all that is.

I am called to surrender with gratitude and faith to the deeper levels of my life and my light. It is a calling to let my light shine and fully embody the oneness and light that is all of us. It is a calling to share my light, so that others can share their light, for the healing of ourselves, others and the planet. We are one. As I own and share my light, it affects All.

Lou: Diana what was it like physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually before you embodied and lived through your angel energy?

Diana: I was born in 1946 on Thanksgiving Day, I didn’t want to be in this body. I was born a month premature. I was in an incubator for one month. I was alone in a box with breathing machines. The doctor sent me home on Christmas Day because there was whooping cough in the hospital. I turned blue when my parents fed me and the wallpaper came off the walls because of all the steam in the room.

I didn’t feel like I belonged in this body. It wasn’t safe.   

I don’t have many detailed memories of my childhood. I feel blessed to have wonderful parents. I remember learning to dance on my father’s feet to Lawrence Welk. I remember mom bringing me hot chocolate by the wall furnace when it was cold outside. I remember writing notes to my mom and dad when I couldn’t tell them what I was feeling and leaving it on their pillow. We would talk about it the next day. I have wonderful memories of vacations and camping, Job’s Daughters, (Job’s Daughters International is a Masonic affiliated youth organisation for girls and young women). which I’ll explain to you later, they all disappeared into me and I couldn’t remember any of their names.

My favourite song as a child was, “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”. I didn’t understand at the time, what it meant. But it felt like it was my song. When I was seventeen, I met my husband Andy, we have been married fifty-three years. When we met, one of the things that drew me to him was his spirituality. We would go to two churches every Sunday and took lessons in both religions so we would understand each other. I was Lutheran and he was Catholic. I felt really connected to the angels and saints at the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church only spoke Latin at the time, so I didn’t understand what was being said, but I liked the feeling, and the quiet. It wasn’t a social place for me but a place for connecting with God.

We married when I was nineteen. The week before the wedding and the week after the wedding, I was in the hospital with mononucleosis and yellow jaundice. They let me out of the hospital to get married. Four hundred people were coming to our wedding and I was not going to miss it. I missed the rehearsal and dinner. It was done without me. I sat in a chair during the ceremony. I couldn’t wear heels. I couldn’t dance, but I was there. As they threw rice at us, we drove back to the hospital where I stayed; and Andy went home and slept on my sister’s couch.

  Two weeks later, Andy was in a motorcycle accident.   

A lady ran a stop sign and ploughed into him. He was in the hospital for two and half months with six operations and was never supposed to walk again. What a shock for a nineteen-year-old girl that had moved from her parents’ house to be married, just out of the hospital herself, to be told that her husband of two weeks would never walk again and would be in the hospital for six months. Most of that time he was flat on his back in traction, watching people come and go, die, and people in pain. Andy told the doctor he knew how to use crutches, so they let him out of the hospital for rehab in two and a half months.

I began going to the Catholic Church every morning at 5 am before work and talking with the angels and Mary. I started a meditation practice. Again the world was very unsafe and didn’t make sense. I was living alone for the first time. I went to the hospital every day after work. There were soldiers with guns on the corners, as I walked to the hospital. There were riots in San Francisco at that time. It was a terrifying time and I couldn’t fix it.

   I felt abandoned, scared, and alone.   

The day Andy got out of the hospital, he received papers to go for the draft to be sent to Vietnam. Because he had metal plates in his leg, he was not accepted. That was a blessing. Instead of Vietnam, he was in a hospital for two and a half months. He can walk fine now after much rehabilitation. When he came home from the hospital he seemed to be going through a spiritual crisis. He started a deep meditation practice, soul searching for his truth. He didn’t want any spirituality in the house. He experienced what is now called spiritual emergence. At that time there were no therapists, as we know them, so he relied on himself.

It was a tumultuous ten years of intense growth for both of us. A lot of pain and fear. People asked how we stayed together. I said, “God must’ve wanted us to.” I knew he had a good heart and was on his spiritual path. Our marriage and love are now deeper than I could have ever imagined. Our relationship is our spiritual practice. It is out of our woundedness, that the miracles continue to appear.

One of the greatest joys in my life is being a mother. Tony was born when I was twenty-two. Such a joy to experience birthing and to hold and love this special bundle of joy. After Tony was born we moved to Denver for Andy to do his doctorate. Eric was born in Colorado. I was in labour for two weeks and he was born on Easter morning. I felt alone and scared as there was no family. Because it was Easter, I was the only one in this huge hospital ward. But Eric was such a special gift to me, with his unconditional love. Two days after Eric was born, I was doing daycare for six kids under five years old.

   During this time, I lost my voice many times.   

I had many ear infections also and felt dizzy. My body was talking to me. Andy was deep into his spiritual journey and was teaching classes at University of Denver and working as a janitor at night. My spiritual practice became stronger as a ‘lifesaver’. The next year we moved back to California for him to continue his studies. We had very little money. Life was very challenging.

My family and friends heard me say, “I’m an angel in a body”. I knew that was true. I just didn’t know what to do with it. I felt a calling to join the Presbyterian Church. The message for me was to live my spirituality in everyday life. I also joined a group called Alohem, Illuminated Mind Seminars led by June d’Estelle. We worked with guided imagery, angels and archangels and visited other planets. We worked with distant and hands-on healing energy for ourselves, others and the planet.

   I preferred the other realms more than this earth.

We also did intuitive and medical healings and readings. In this group, I became aware of many past lives….Full Moon Priestess in Egypt and a Medicine Woman in many different lifetimes, and being burnt as a witch. The experience of how unsafe it was to share my gifts became evident to me. This group became an integral experience for me to journey with other angels and light beings on this planet.

When my dad died, I was twenty-nine. I took a deep soul dive into who I was. I realised I was not living the life he would want me to live. I went into my cocoon and shut everyone out. I needed to find my truth. I found God. I found myself. I came out a butterfly. I did a lot of personal and deep work. I led healing groups and meditation groups. For twenty-five years, Andy and I did daycare for twelve children in our home. We taught them about spirituality, different religions, and how to meditate. I was also a hospital chaplaincy teacher and supervisor for volunteer chaplains.

During my journey, I have done several rebirthings, but I did one in my forties that changed my life. The practitioner told me that if I didn’t stay in my body I would die. I knew that was true. I made the conscious choice to be in my body. I felt for the first time that I was in my body and grounded. I felt safer. I remember at Thanksgiving saying, “I am glad I’m in my body.”

  That was a revelation for me.   

After this rebirthing, my guides directed me to go back to school, to get my Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. Within two months of this guidance, I was enrolled, got a scholarship, and was accepted into the University of San Francisco. One of the main issues, I had to work with was my fear. When I was a Medicine Woman in an Indian tribe, chicken pox killed many people, I could not save them. I could not heal them. I did deep work to understand that it was not my place to heal or save others. I could journey with them and share what I experienced, but it was their soul journey and contract on this earth, that they agreed to live and learn from.

I could share my gifts without expectations, with faith and trust, that I am being guided to share and do what I need in that moment, without understanding exactly why or the outcome. This has shown true in so many sessions I have had with clients. I must admit it is easier to let go of results or expectations with my clients than with my family and close friends. I don’t want anyone to suffer. I don’t have the answers. It is their journey. I continue to work with this, as I often wish that my magic wand worked.

I had six family members die in one year… my mom, Andy’s dad, my brother-in-law, my ex-brother-in-law, my cousin, and my cat. I never felt so much grief and depression. I felt deep darkness and pain in my soul. I went into my cocoon for healing and love.

   When I was fifty-six, I got the message that it was time for us to move to Hawaii.

That was not even on my radar but this message felt like a deep imperative calling. Eric and his wife and daughter Meira lived in Hawaii. Tony, Amber their son Sage, moved over two years later. Living in Hawaii I felt like I was Cinderella. I had put a note on my altar of everything I wanted in our new home. When we found our new home, it was more than I could ever have dreamed of. We signed the papers without any money, went back, and sold our previous home. We now live in our home temple in Hawaii. Living in gratitude and feeling guided, I felt I was living in the moment with faith and trust.

The first three months we lived here, I did not want to see or do anything. It was time for me to go back into my cocoon and do my self-care in a very deliberate way. I was physically and mentally exhausted. After we moved, a neighbour came up and said, “would you like to join the book club?” I said, “Yes, I feel I can handle two hours a month”.

My other grandchildren Portia and Bodhi were born in Hawaii. My husband and I had the sacred experience of being at Bodhi’s home water birth. We chanted through the contractions. Amber, the daughter of our heart, made this sacred container into which Bodhi came into the world. Being a Grandma is special. I love being a grandma and I love my family so much.

  When I was seventy-two, I began working with Lou at the Energy Medicine Institute.

Her work integrates ancient teaching and wisdom with modern science. Working with specific tools, the lessons are taught for the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind in a very deliberate way. We work with scientific knowledge, muscle testing, guided imagery, light rays, symbols and angels. I have found my tribe. In this energy work I have explored my current life but mostly I have done past life DNA work. I have worked with my wounded stories that I have carried forward and karmic binds that have protected me in the past. I am finding my biggest wounded stories are my biggest healing and my deepest wisdom.

We did one process in which Lou said she felt I had not fully embodied, my angel energy in my physical. It was an important revelation and I knew in my soul that was true. I consciously made a choice. I knew it was time to integrate all my angel energy into my body.

I wrote this declaration.
I am an angel in a body
I am sharing and shining my light of love and transformation for myself and others as
We are all One

   We were asked to write a story.   

My story said,
Once upon a time, there was an angel
Every day she felt loved and free
Then she agreed to be in a body
And then she was born
She didn’t like the body
She now has learned to join her Angel self fully in her body
She now feels loved and free In her body
And on earth

This was my intentional choice to surrender with gratitude and faith to the deeper levels of my life and my light. It is a calling to let my light shine and fully embody the oneness and light that is all of us.

Lou: Diana what is it like now physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually that you have worked with energy medicine to embody your Angelic Self?

Diana: Lou the changes are subtle, ongoing and deeply profound. I feel at home, grounded, congruent, energised, and safe to be me. The energy of safe was always there but I kept a wall around it. I’m stepping into a new way of being, seeing and experiencing who I am and how I show up in the world. I am listening deeply. I feel like I am more trusting. I am listening to my higher wisdom. I consistently surrender with faith and trust. I’m more present.

   I share my truth more.   

I have been a life coach for twenty-five years. I have always felt like the energy is channelled through me while counselling. Now I feel like my life is me. I am not a separate being. I feel I have connected to the true oneness of being that every person, place, and thing is me. I am Life. This is my spiritual practice.

For at least ten years, I have had a cough that I’ve been working with, with no clear explanation. I did many tests and different modalities to work with it. Since I have embodied my angel energy, my cough is gone. On my seventy-third birthday, which landed on Thanksgiving Day, I remember feeling like a new beginning was opening up, but I didn’t know what that was. I felt called. It felt right to help other people, work to own their own light energy and calling, and to share tools so that other empathic light beings can understand what is happening in their life.

Through the Energy Medicine Institute, I have been called for different programs to be a Medicine Woman, a Full Moon Priestess, and a Vision Keeper. These are parts of myself I am reclaiming as who I am. The lost and forgotten parts of self, I felt unsafe to live through. My angel energy can now be expressed fully through each now moment.

  My new reality is:   

I am an inspirational leader
With a unique contribution
To the great unfolding and healing of the universe
I let my light shine
I am guided and protected
As I share and help others
Uncover their unique gifts, calling, and sharing their light.


What is unsafe and how can we work with energy to transform it? In my experience the emotion of unsafe stems from a traumatic experience. No matter what age you were when you had the experience, it creates a filter that you see all future experiences through. If we do not work to transform the emotion of unsafe it will begin to generalise. Meaning you may start out feeling the experience itself is unsafe, so you avoid repeating the behaviour, then it can merge into the experience and the location is unsafe, then into the experience, the location and the people are unsafe, then into people are unsafe,

   I am unsafe and the world is unsafe.   

As humans we are designed to experience our life experience through all eight senses sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, creativity, sensuality and sexuality. When we have an experience and we do not use all of our eight senses, our soul as a Coherent machine constantly attempts to bring the experience back into Coherence which does two things: 1. Our subconscious mind works in the background 24/7 and has a less than optimal impact on your physical, emotional and mental bodies 2. It shuts down the senses that were impacted by the experience and we move through life from that moment creating incoherent memories which eventually causes our energy system to breakdown or burnout. This Incoherent frequency that runs through our energy system creates dis-ease in our organs.

If you or your loved one has experienced the emotion of unsafe, I invite you to head over to our FREE betrayal energy process and experience the power of energy medicine.

Energy Medicine has the power to transform all areas of your life! It is the new healing paradigm.

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Blessed Be
Lou Reed, Energy Shaman
Founder, Energy Medicine Institute


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