Transforming Heartbreak ❤️✨

What is heartbreak and how do we work with energy to transform it?
In this powerful story of transforming heartbreak through the power of energy medicine, Lou interviews one of the Council of Elders, Lori Kemski, who shares with you: 1. What happened 2. What it was like before energy medicine 3. What is it like now after energy medicine? This is an excerpt from the book ‘The Power of Energy Medicine.’

Lou: Lori I would love for you to share a significant life experience where you worked with energy medicine to transform your life? 

Lori: Lou I need to turn back the hands of time to the early 1960s. I was born and raised in the hill country of Texas. I am the fourth of five children and the only girl in my family. My parents split up when I was a baby. My mother’s mother, Nani, looked after me when my mother had to go to work to make ends meet. Nani and grandpa were looking after me from the time I was just a newborn baby.

   I  had deeply bonded with them. 

My mother remarried a few years later and had another son with her new husband. I spent much of my time with my grandparents because I was appreciated there and mostly to avoid the chaos of my home. Nani had rheumatoid arthritis which rendered her bedridden. I stayed very close to her and took care of her in my childlike way. My grandpa was almost like a sage with his simple wisdom. For example, when I was worried that when someone who didn’t belong to our religion wouldn’t get into heaven, he explained to me how God is like a diamond and each side of the diamond is a religion which is a way to God.

He also had the knack of knowing when one of us children were in need and would take time to do something special with whoever it was. It didn’t have to cost money. It could be going together to the feed store or for a ride on the horses. Grandpa was a simple man with great empathy, insight and wisdom. Oh, how I loved my grandpa and Nani! It was here, in Nani and grandpa’s pink house, where I found comfort and love, as well as the joy of helping people. They taught by example. They shaped the foundation of my life and I often feel that if it weren’t for them.

   I don’t know how I would have coped with the challenges to come. 

In writing about this period of my life, I now realise that I experienced unconditional love at my grandparent’s house. It is the greatest gift I ever received and it is still with me. It was peaceful at my grandparent’s house. They had a yard full of flowers and I loved the huge pecan tree there. They had a bit of land around the house and my grandpa kept a horse and some ponies. My grandparents made my life magical. My grandpa would take me out on adventures on the ponies, which usually ended up at the Ice House (local mom and pop’s shop) where we each got to drink a soda, ponies included.

When I was ten years old, my step-father was transferred to Germany to do a tour of duty for the military. I had to leave my beloved grandparents and my safe haven. The sense of dread I felt was partly because I thought “now I have to live with them” (them being my family). My world crashed into pieces. I was heartbroken and felt like someone pulled the carpet out from under my feet. My world was gone and I was off to live a new life in some strange place where they don’t speak English. Nani said we could keep in touch by mail. Trans- Atlantic telephone calls at that time were so expensive they were only for emergencies.

   I  felt forlorn in every way. 

Here I must explain that my mother must have had some type of undiagnosed depression and probably chronic fatigue syndrome. She spent a lot of her life in bed and wasn’t always available for us children. A friend of mine describes our upbringing as ‘we raised ourselves’. My step-father was authoritarian and abusive. I was always afraid for myself and my brothers. I learned to get out of the way and to become ‘invisible’. I can see now how this fear was crippling for me and always showed its ugly head in situations of confrontation. Avoidance became my go-to strategy. My brothers always hung out together and I was the odd one out. I was often lonely.

Arriving in Germany everything was different, weather, language, customs, travel by bus to school and everything revolved around the airbase. Losing my friends, my school, our pets, and especially my grandparents, who were like my guardians, I withdrew more into myself. My shyness became crippling and in my new school, I became a target to be made fun of. My beloved Nani passed away about eighteen months after we moved overseas. I never saw her or heard her voice again.

  Heartbreak upon heartbreak. 

My mother started trying to contact her in the spirit world. Around this time paranormal activities started occurring in my little brother’s room. That scared me no end. My little brother had always been ‘special’ in that he would sleep walk. It would be to such an extent that he would leave the house at night sometimes in his sleep. Most commonly, he would walk through the house with odd, glazed over eyes and he could talk to you and answer questions. He was only a small child of under six when he started doing this. Most importantly for me, when my mother started trying to contact her mother in the spirit world, I began seeing spirits (not nice ones) every time I closed my eyes. I could only fallasleep when utterly exhausted and with the light on. I continued to have to sleep with alight on for another thirty years.

My mom and one of my older brothers kept on experimenting with communicating with the spirit world. It turned out to be the case that their main contact was a prankster spirit. One of the worst pranks was when we all had to get dressed up and wait for the ‘man’ to come and tell us that my stepfather had died during a business trip he was on. It was so weird but we believed it. Of course, when he came home we all stood there dumbfounded. I got up and touched him to see if he was a ghost! He wasn’t. Life was strange.  

Lou: Lori what was it like physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually before energy medicine?

Lori: I was physically exhausted, emotionally confused, mentally I withdrew into myself and spiritually I was left on my own. My mother suggested praying but it didn’t help. I started going to church every day until the priest asked me if everything was alright at home. I told him it was, but I didn’t come back anymore, because I didn’t want him to think I was crazy. This was a particularly difficult time for me.

   I became more reclusive and introverted.   

I had only a few friends. I found school boring and spent most of my time living in my own world and looking out the window. Oddly enough I was able to get passing grades. After a total of three years, it was time to move back to the States. My step-father was transferred to the same military base he was at, before his tour of duty in Germany and we moved back into our old house. My grandpa had developed cancer while we were away and wasn’t doing well. My mom attempted to take care of him but that was a disaster. He spent his last days with his sister. Sad days.

My family moved out into the country, also known as ‘the sticks’, a few months after getting back to the States. My oldest brother didn’t move with us, but went off to college somewhere else. My two other older brothers moved with us, but were out of the house as quickly as they could within the first year. I moved out as soon as I turned eighteen and finished high school. I took a year off between high school and college. I spent almost a year in a town, in Colorado where my oldest brother lived.

   It was a whole new world and I thought that I’d love to make Colorado my home.   

It was to happen differently, because through my brother, I happened to meet up with my ‘real’ father who said he’d pay for my college education if I moved to California where he lived. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I fell in love with California and the post-hippie life there. When I enrolled in college, they asked what I wanted to study and because I really didn’t have a plan I said nursing. Because taking care of Nani was what brought joy to me as a child, I thought this was the profession for me. After two years of studies, I entered the Bachelor program for Nursing, only to realise I wasn’t in the right place. There was too much hierarchy, long hours, low pay and tremendous responsibility with little to no appreciation.

This led me to be ready to have a change in my life. That summer, a friend of my brother’s from Germany, showed up in California. He was on his way to visit my family in Texas and I joined him. To make a long story short, we fell in love and I moved to Germany two months later. I hadn’t completed my studies or learned a profession. Everyone in Germany has learned a profession. I really wasn’t feeling very happy about being in a kind of social limbo.

   I had no idea what I’d like to be.   

After living with my fiance, for almost a year, we tied the knot. He had a good job. I learned German, but still had no clue as to what I should study or do. I always knew that I wanted to work in a profession that helps people. This knowing, stems from my experience with Nani. I guess she never would have imagined that she, who just laid there bedridden, would have had such an influence on me. It was her acknowledging me and appreciating me that moved me to go in the direction of healing.

I was looking for something I could do. The best would be something where I could use my previous college education. All the things I considered doing either seemed above me or I felt like I wouldn’t like it at all. It so happened that my husband injured his back gardening and couldn’t stand straight afterwards. I told him to go to a chiropractor. No one knew what a chiropractor was or where to find one. Later after researching it, I did find a few in the country. I had a friend take me to a US military airbase library to do research on this, using microfiche. This really shows how old I am.

   I thought that would be something that would suit me.   

I was somewhat taken aback because after completing the studies I would be a Doctor of Chiropractic. In my family, it doesn’t matter what girls do, because it was assumed that a girl gets married and the husband takes care of her. Another story that I had to get my head around. My family had their problems with it too. Of course, they were proud of me but they also thought I was getting too big for my britches.

After meeting with some chiropractors in Germany, I felt like this would be something I could see myself doing. Soon afterwards, my husband and I went to the States where I studied Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa from which I graduated in 1985. In college, in addition to the regular curriculum, I did continuing education courses in Sacro-Occipital-Technique, Nimmo-Receptor-Tonus-Technique, Extremity Adjusting and COX Technique for low back pain. I wanted to learn Applied Kinesiology, but my husband said it was voodoo and wouldn’t support it.

After graduation with all these tools, we returned to Germany. There I had many hurdles to jump until I was able to be licensed to work and open up an office. For example, I had to learn plant therapies to pass the Natural Healer’s License under which chiropractor’s work in Germany. I found it irritating at the time, but this license allows me to do a wide scope of practices which also includes psychotherapy and even phytotherapy, which has enriched my life.

   During this time I was still seeing spirits when I tried to go to sleep.   

As it happened, I wound up sharing a taxi outside of London with an American psychologist and well known medium who was on her way to visit the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Studies and Mediumship. It felt like I’d known her forever but I still thought she was crazy to want to go there. I couldn’t understand why anyone would go somewhere to learn to see and communicate with the spirit world. And yet, I didn’t forget this conversation and about a year later I decided to face my fears and visit this place. It was a beautiful old mansion where the courses were held and where the students stayed.

I was in awe but not scared. I was taking an introductory course. I found the course and the students fascinating. Very normal people, like English ladies in twinsets, not scary at all. I had booked a session with the course leader regarding ‘my problem’. As she explained everything to me she virtually showed me how to remedy the problem. She told me that we have a spirit body and it’s like a house. Our natural state in life is to start out with all the windows and doors all closed up.

During my childhood and the experimenting that was going on in our house, my mother had inadvertently opened my windows and doors. I had been going through life being open to any passing spirit. She told me to imagine myself as a house and to close all the doors, windows, and shutters and I’d be fine. It is about free will and we can choose who to let in or not. I am so grateful to her and to be in control, but most of all, to be able to sleep. After the week I spent there, I was so interested in the subjects offered, that I took many more courses over the next few years.

   It was all so mind-opening.   

I explored trance, trance healing, spirit art, meditation, sound therapy, the shamanic path (the only nonpsychic/mediumship course offered there). Simultaneously, I was studying Network Chiropractic and Somato-Respiratory-Integration. It was presented as Chiropractic, but in reality, it was a form of energy medicine. My interests also took me to learn Idogo Chi Gong, as well as certification as an intuitive painting coach. In addition, I always had a passion for dream analysis and a love of crystals.

I also love the scientific side of chiropractic and that’s why I visited three years of postgraduate studies in functional neurology. At some point, I had so much knowledge and experience but I kept mostly to my regular chiropractic. Why? I was afraid of being judged, being labelled as crazy, and that all my patients would not want to come to me and I’d be penniless. I found the Energy Medicine Institute during a woman’s online retreat. Something really resonated with me. I was tired of taking all these courses and decided just to do this. I signed up for the practitioner’s training course. I figured that if nothing else it would help me.

Lou: Lori what is it like now physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually after energy medicine?:

Lori: After working through the soul psychology studies and processes of the Energy Medicine Institute practitioner’s course, I have changed. Progressing through studies which also includes lots of work on myself, I started healing. As each wounded story was being cleared, I slowly began to see things in a different light. I began setting boundaries. I stopped being the ‘nice girl’, you know, the one always available, regardless of the cost to herself.

  I became more sovereign. 

I began to recognise energy vampires and stopped being so open for them to rob me of my energy. I know that in my personal life, I still have many blind spots and a few vampires. But it’s okay. I’m moving in the right direction, step by step. In clearing up wounded stories and tossing out beliefs that weren’t my truth, I am becoming more authentic. Being more authentic, means I am able to open up and talk about what moves me, what interests me, as well as what I’m up to. I worry so much less about what people think of me or about being ostracised and rejected.

I feel more empowered and am not afraid that I will go broke, because I show my true colours. I know I’m a really good chiropractor with many years of experience and that gives me security. I also know that I have a lot more to offer than just that. I’ve come to appreciate that I own diverse healing knowledge through all my seemingly non-connected studies, courses and interests. All of this has given me the ability to pick people up where they are. They can come to me with the weirdest issues and I might either be able to help them or to coach them where to go to get help.

The world has a tendency to compartmentalise. It is hard for some to see how everything in and around the body is connected. It’s more difficult to accept that energy or frequency can have such an impact on us and/or our surroundings. I see all of my previous education as doorways to speak the language of the people coming to me for help. I speak science, mediumship, art or art therapy, herb therapy, and all the other modalities I mentioned before. And now I speak energy medicine.

   It is like a universal language or container. 

It encompasses all that I have learned, am learning, and will learn. It feels like before all of these aspects of my healing path were separate, compartmentalised entities that have now joined hands into wholeness. In a nutshell, I work with people holistically. I feel at peace within myself. I look at everything in a more relaxed way. It is so refreshing to be open about my spirituality and my interests. I understand myself to be a work in progress and that I’m still in the process of claiming all of me. I have been working on myself for a long time now. It gives me satisfaction to keep healing, the hidden hurting parts of myself. I see it as a win-win situation where, when one heals, then others can be helped towards healing.


What is heartbreak and how can we work with energy to transform it? Emotions are chemicals that our brain creates in our physical body relating to our life experiences. When we stay in an emotion long enough our physical body sets the emotion as a default way of being, then our soul which is a coherent system keeps bringing us back to that way of being.

Heartbreak has now become not just an emotional body and or mental body dis-ease, it has become a whole energy system dis-ease and requires transforming the emotion/s from all levels of your being. It is around pattern interrupting your current default way of being and creating a new default way of being.

When we stay in heartbreak for more than six months it becomes a state of mind. 

A lens that we filter all of our life experiences from that moment in time. This locks heartbreak deeper into our energy system and in time it imprints on our very soul.

If you or your loved one has experienced heartbreak, I invite you to head over to our FREE betrayal energy process and experience the power of energy medicine.

Energy Medicine has the power to transform all areas of your life! It is the new healing paradigm.

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Blessed Be
Lou Reed, Energy Shaman
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