Transforming Distorted Perception ❤️✨

What is distorted perception and how do we work with energy to transform it?
In this powerful story of transforming distorted perception through the power of energy medicine, Lou interviews one of the Council of Elders, Jo Farello, who shares with you: 1. What happened 2. What it was like before energy medicine 3. What is it like now after energy medicine? This is an excerpt from the book ‘The Power of Energy Medicine.’

Lou: Jo I would love for you to share a significant life experience where you worked with energy medicine to transform your life? 

Jo: Lou, I would like to share with you, my life experiences and how my perception (‘the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses’) has changed over the years as I better understand my life. I have been a wanderer and seeker most of my life and have been constantly on the move, never really understanding if I was moving away from something or trying to move toward something.

   I  was born in Australia and left home at seventeen.    

I went out into the world, moving from the countryside to the city, discovering life by experiencing it, the good and the bad. In my early twenties, I travelled to London with my best friend where we lived briefly before driving a camper van around Europe. I was hooked on travel and living each day as an adventure. When I got back to Australia I couldn’t wait to head off on my next journey, so I moved to the coast, seeking different life experiences. In my late twenties, I moved to Vancouver Canada on a twelve-month working holiday visa and stayed eight years, wandering and experiencing life. I was mostly on my own and it was a true adventure.

By my early thirties, I was homesick and ready to return home, so moved back to Australia feeling a bit lost. Where was home? I didn’t know where I belonged and I felt lonely and thought it was time to meet ‘my other half’ and believed that without ‘my other half’, I wasn’t ‘whole’. What I didn’t realise was, that I was seeking something more profound, that was already inside of me. It wasn’t another person, it was something much deeper, a connection.

  Clearly, my angels and guides wanted to get my attention.   

So they started putting up signs for me. One day while driving in the valley near my home, I came across a small spiritual shop and noticed a sign on their noticeboard offering meditation groups at night. I felt drawn to attend, so went along the following night and it was pure magic to me. A small group of us sat in a snug room, in beanbags, listening to a guided meditation, which made me feel as though I was lifted up and out of the room, as part of the journey we shared. On the drive home that night, through the fog of the valley, I started to feel connected to what I was seeking. Something started to light up inside of me.

A few weeks later I drove up to Mt Tambourine and on the side of the road was a sign saying, “free cooking class and meditation” so I pulled in to find out a bit more. It was a group of Hari Krishna’s offering a vegetarian cooking class and meditation on a wide deck overlooking the valley. I skipped the cooking class and joined the meditation group, sitting in the sun on a deck overlooking an orchard of avocado trees. One guy was strumming guitar, another chanting, and another playing the flute, while we listened to the birds in the trees and meditated.

  I felt that beautiful feeling again of being lifted up to a higher plane.

I didn’t sign up to be a Hari Krishna, but I started to see the signs being offered to me to connect into what I had been seeking. A higher (Divine) connection. After that magical day, life got in the way and I moved to another city in Australia seeking better work options, life options, and hoping to meet a nice guy. I was on the move again. I packed up my meager possessions and arrived in the city in early December 2001, a few months after 9/11. The world was in shock, and fear was everywhere… even trying to find a job was hard, as no one wanted to let go of the security of their employment. The world felt ‘altered’ to me.

The following year I met my husband-to-be, landed a great law firm job, and got diagnosed coeliac (gluten intolerant). What a year! My wandering and seeking took a back seat as I tried negotiating this new way of life. It wasn’t long after, that I started to get what I like to call ‘nudges’. They were gentle at first, but then became more insistent. Nudges are messages that came to me as guidance and can become more insistent if I don’t listen. Messages, feelings and knowings, guiding me to take notice.

So, I started meditating again and felt the connection light up. Meditation allowed me to silence the mind so I could better receive what was being gifted to me from my guides and angels. Fast forward a few years and I was married, living in our beautiful home in the suburbs, travelling and working long hours in the city. Exhausted by the time the weekend rolled around and ticking boxes off the imaginary list of achievements in my life. I also had a beautiful furry kitten that I named Angel who was my gorgeous girl.

   But I was still missing something.   

I was still getting nudges and trying to understand what I wasn’t quite grasping. So I joined yoga classes to allow space to connect through breath and poses and I returned to meditating. I had a feeling that what I was ultimately seeking would present itself, if I was just open to it. One cold Sunday afternoon in early 2012, I was laying on my couch in front of the fireplace listening to a guided meditation on angels and crystal caves, with my furry girl Angel asleep on my tummy.

I suddenly had an experience that I can only articulate as, ‘my awakening’. I had listened to the same meditation several times previously and always enjoyed it, but today as it finished, I sat bolt upright nearly knocking Angel off me and I had tears running down my face. I wasn’t crying as in sadness, but more a reaction to the overwhelming love I felt in the angelic connection that I experienced in that moment. Something clicked in me and I felt like I had been activated. My life direction had changed from a wandering seeker to a guided seeker and a new path started to become clear.

I initially felt driven to find out everything I could about angels and approached it like it was a project at work. I began researching and making notes on all things angelic and looked up the different references in religions and new age books and started to learn what I could about the nine choirs of angels. I was doing my angelic research! I then had a reading with an angelic guide which was warm and fuzzy but at the end, I asked, “What are my next steps?” So business-like. She laughed and told me to move out of my head and into my heart and follow the guidance.

  To this day, that is what I’ve been doing.   

That was nine years ago and I have followed my heart and it has been such an amazing journey. I have met incredible people along the way, had wonderful experiences, participated in so many courses, retreats, meditation groups, lessons, and practices and I love the way I have always been Divinely guided. I travelled to places on my own to meet up with others who were seeking like me. A spiritual retreat in Spain with a very dear friend, a five-day detox retreat in Thailand, a week-long clairvoyant healing retreat in a small coastal town in Australia.

I was on a quest, a thirst for knowledge and experience. I learned Reiki and Pellowah, Angelic Reiki, Theta, channelling, Shamanism 101, intuitive connection, and various other teachings I was especially drawn to. I met a teacher of the Akashic Records and was completely in awe of the journeying as part of the connection. I went on to do training with a few different teachers until I found one I felt truly aligned with and did a year-long practitioner training which is one of my most treasured learnings. Part of my Akashic Record practitioner training was to offer free readings which I gifted before going on to do paid readings and loved the connection I held between the Akashic Masters and my clients.

I walked with my clients as their guide and shared what was showed to me from their Akashic Masters. I found the most wonderful connection and felt as though I had found my purpose and medicine to share with the world. Around that time, my husband and I had a life change. Both of my husband’s parents who I loved dearly, passed away suddenly, only a month apart. My husband was the only child and his world changed forever in that month. The following year my dad passed away after fighting cancer for several years. We started to question our lives, what we were doing and wondered if there was more to life.

  What is the meaning of life!   

So, we made the conscious decision to pack up our lives in Australia, quit our safe well-paid jobs, live in Asia, and travel the world, which we did for four years. My furry girl Angel had passed away after a very sad illness and we missed pet love so much that we decided to do house/pet sitting. We offered to stay for free in people’s homes, looking after their beloved pets and all that was dear to them. We decided to travel to places of interest to us, stay and explore while looking after some truly beautiful animals.

It was fun, exciting and sometimes challenging but quite the adventure. One year we stayed in Dubai in the middle of summer for 9 weeks looking after two gorgeous golden retrievers in a gated community, while the owners who were school teachers at the international school, travelled back to their home country of Canada to visit family.

  It was a challenge to be sure!   

Spirit was guiding me to enjoy travelling, experiencing, and gifting others as they gifted us in return. People trusted us with their most treasured possessions, and we felt honoured. We finally felt the call to come home in November 2019 and so we moved back to Australia. We wanted a home, our own pets, and friends who spoke our language. Divinely guided again, as not long after we arrived home, COVID-19 hit the world like a hammer!

My epiphany was ‘waking up’ and consciously connecting with the Divine, my guides, and angels. Walking the path with their love, support, guidance, and being aware of it! I found my calling and learned to let go of the life that I perceived I ‘should be living’ and experienced a very different lifestyle while assisting others. I learned that we are always connected and no matter where we are physically, we just need to show up, allow, and engage in the connection.  

Lou: Jo what was it like physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually before energy medicine?

Jo: From a very young age I have been on a quest to better understand love. As the eldest daughter in a family of five children, I helped my mother bring up the younger kids and maintain the home. Love in our family was expressed by providing a safe home, food on the table, clean clothes and schooling, to prepare us for the world. Expressions of emotional love from parents or grandparents were never part of my upbringing. My parents were trying to find their way in life and provide for a large family. I understand they did the best they could with what they had. When I left home at seventeen to make my way out into the world, I had no real idea what love was or how to express it or be open to receive it.

  My first sexual experience was unloving and aggressive.   

Then at nineteen years of age, the first ‘love of my life’ put me in hospital after assaulting me. In my pursuit of love, I was clearly unable to ascertain those who had good intentions toward me and those who didn’t. I had a very innocent and skewed view of what love was, so I just kept moving to avoid it altogether! I moved through my young life predominately on my own, navigating the highs and the lows and learning as I went.

As I never really knew what emotional physical love felt like, I didn’t know how to recognise it and fell into relationships that were formed by sexual attraction alone or just lost souls clinging to each other to avoid loneliness. I felt lonely and assumed if I found the right partner, I wouldn’t feel lonely anymore. When I finally met my husband-to-be in 2002, I knew I had found a reliable, mature, emotional, loving partner that I could lean into and know that he was there to support me in my life. I had just turned forty and he was forty-three and we recognised love in each other.

  Now I started to understand that love can be expressed in different ways.   

The caring love of family, the unconditional love of pets, the desperate clinging love of lost souls, the shared love of partners in life, the Divine emotional love of Spirit. I laugh when I think how I tried to ‘work’ with my awakening as if it were a new project at the office. I bought a folder, some new pens and markers, made some headings, added notes and filled the folder with all my newfound information. I had this beautiful experience and wanted to document it.

I found classes, workshops and spiritual shops to find as much as I could on angels and all things angelic. What I didn’t realise was, that all I needed to do was silence my mind, connect with my breath and allow the beautiful Divine connection to take place. All the knowledge I could ever want, including direct dialogue with angels, was available to me, at any time.

An example of Spirit showing me the way, via my busy mind, was when I met a beautiful soul not long after my ‘awakening’ who came into my life under the guise of office skills training. We met through my law firm’s office initiative of refresher / upskill training in the workplace. I was sent to an afternoon training on ‘taking minutes for meetings’. Even though I rarely took minutes at office meetings, I turned up keen and ready to learn. I met my trainer Katrena, and as the day turned out, the other attendees had cancelled for various personal reasons, so it was just Katrena and me for the afternoon.

   Thank you, Universe.   

We sat outside at a lovely cafe, having coffee and after we went over the training notes, we talked for an hour or more about angels and all things spiritual. It was another Divine guidance that came my way. I had told Spirit I was ready for my next chapter and Katrena came into my life. What I thought was a mental refresher turned out to be an angelic refresher and a new connection to a soul sister.

By now, I was living a gluten-free lifestyle and my body was telling me to listen to it and to adjust my life accordingly. At the time, I didn’t realise these sensitivities included me being more sensitive and aware of energy in and around my body. I would feel drained if I was out in large, busy shopping centres and I no longer liked crowded venues/bars or being around loud or boisterous people. I sometimes felt as though I took on the lower vibrational energy of those around me.

I was now drawn to learn energy practices such as Reiki, Angelic Reiki and other handson healing energy practices. I also went to practitioners for healing massages and reiki sessions which helped strengthen my physical body. As I started to better understand energy practices, I became more connected with my heartspace. I started to feel (clairsentience) so much more, which ultimately became one of my strongest ‘clairs’. I was still predominately living via my head yet trying to live more authentically via my heart.

   I practiced showing up from my heart space.   

This opened up other clairs and I began to see (clairvoyance), hear (clairaudience) and know (claircognizance) more freely. When I am engaged and aligned with Spirit and I have a regular practice of connection, my physical body functions in a more aligned and balanced way. I am more relaxed, feel in balance and have a clear sense of how I wish to live my life.

My physical body and energy body are becoming more sensitive as I get older. Rather than seeing this as a bad thing, I prefer to take it as a sign to live a cleaner more balanced way of life for the good of my physical body and my vibrational frequency. This holds me to task to keep my body as a clear vessel for a higher purpose. To be Divinely connected and engaged with Spirit and live a healthy grounded lifestyle. I am still human and love a glass or two of vino or a well-made latte but generally, I live a fairly healthy lifestyle.

When I do Akashic Record readings for clients, the information comes to me clearly and in a fun way. I deliver to my clients as it comes to me. For those who connect with me from their heart, the connection is strong and well received. When I connect with clients who are predominately in their headspace, it can feel somewhat misaligned and a bit overwhelming, a bit like analogue trying to connect to digital!

This started to create doubt in my mind about the authenticity of my connection.

If I had only listened to my heart, there would have been no doubt but instead I let my head lead the way. “Surely the content received should be more detailed and logical with answers to questions about making money?” I now started to doubt my Divine gift and how I received messages. My angels reassured me that they loved the way I connected, and that the clear, joyful, heartfelt connection was so authentic and beautiful and to not overthink it. I felt them in my heart, championing me to continue doing my beautiful medicine.

Lou: Jo what is it like now physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually after energy medicine?:

Jo: I now feel a more mature emotional connection when I sit in meditation. Sometimes I smile and tear up with love or laugh out loud as I communicate openly with my guides, angels and the Akashic Masters. When I get too busy in life and my meditation falls by the way, my physical, mental and energetic bodies suffer. When I allow the meditative connection, I feel a lightness and calmness come over me that fills me with Divine love.

  I can sit in silence and just feel a deep connection.   

Or I can listen to a guided meditation and be part of the journey and go with the flow. I do readings at present but enjoy connecting with the Akashic Masters for myself. When I am connecting with them, I have access prayers that are part of the sacred connection. I love this process as the prayers are like keys opening the doorways for me to connect with the Akashic.

Once we connect, I am free to engage and ask questions and receive answers. When I am finished, I thank the Masters for my connection and then finish with prayers that close the connection and the doorway. I find this process so heartfelt and even though I know in my heart that I am connected all the time, I find this formal process very sacred. I am human and I am emotional and to know the true love of Divine connection, gives me pure joy.

   I now have a better understanding of the love of human connection.   

This is always a work in progress for me. Some days I enjoy being with my husband and sharing time, others I enjoy it more when he goes out and gives me space. To feel what I felt that day in 2012 was Spirit showing me what Divine love feels like and to know I never need to search for it, as it’s always available to me. I have learned over the years that if I ‘allow’, I am then open to receive and when I show up from my heart, I can feel the grace of God which is a soft and emotionally charged connection. I feel it, I can step into it and become one with it and enjoy the true bliss feeling that washes over me as I engage in the love of Spirit.

Mentally, I had been given so many signs over the years – on the notice board at Crystal Cottage to join their meditation, on the side of the road for the Hari Krishna’s meditation, the guided angelic meditation CD and a Divine connection with a soul sister masked as a bland office training event. My biggest take on all, to this day, is to ‘get out of my head and into my heart’ and allow the natural Divine connections to take place.

I have also learned that to have a balance of my masculine and feminine energies (what I call my ‘left-side brain, logical, analytical masculine aspect’ and my ‘right-side brain creative, spiritual, feminine aspect’) is not only doable but the preferred way to be. In balance. Not overthinking all as being separate, but feeling all as one in balance.

   This is my challenge to self, to find balance in all things, for a harmonious life

During one of my more recent Divine connections with the Akashic Masters, I put my hand up in the air and said out loud that I was ready to meet the person who will take me to the next level in my growth as a human and as a spiritual being. When I finished my meditation, I felt confident that the universe would answer my calling. I had asked and was now open to receive.

A month or two later, my mobile rang and a lovely woman named Lou asked me for assistance with a work project she had. This amazing spiritual being came into my life with such energy and purpose that my logical self was excited, but she also touched my heart and my spiritual self felt guided to ask more. Lou was an Energy Shaman and she taught energy psychology and healing. Divine guidance strikes again! Lou came to me through my beautiful friend Katrena.

When I returned to Australia after living overseas for four years, I wasn’t sure where my path would take me so I asked for guidance. I had been a legal assistant for over twenty years in Canada and Australia and I knew that life was no longer for me. Quite randomly (or was it) I met up with Katrena on my return to Australia, assisting her at the local Mind Body Spirit Expo. Over a coffee before the Expo, Katrena asked what my plans were, and I confessed I didn’t have any.  She suggested looking at the virtual assistant work as she was currently assisting others in the industry.

   I liked that I could work from home.   

I knew I had the experience and skills to have a good business. So I set up my biz, did some training and once I was ready, clients started to find their way to me. Lou came to me less than a year after I started my business which was perfect timing as I had found my groove as a virtual assistant. I now felt like assisting Lou was the next chapter in my life’s work.

I also believe Lou’s training and guidance in the Energy Medicine Institute is what my physical, emotional and energetic body was seeking. My spiritual body was in joyful gratitude. My goal is to have balance in my life and if I am out of balance, I’m tired, dim (as I call it) and cranky. If I am in balance, I feel energised, happy and cheeky. I have experienced my own ‘dark night of the soul’ but came through it and found my way back. It is an ever challenging path for me, but I am so supported and guided that when I stumble and/or fall, I am assisted back up and shown a way forward.

The key is for me to allow all that is available to flow easily to me and to have faith in the guidance I receive. I am a ‘work in progress’ and each day is a learning. I am just so grateful that I have the awareness now to know that I am Divinely guided, supported and loved by the spiritual realm. Physically, I am an ‘elder’ now and have so much to share with others, who may not be so adventurous as I was to wander, seek and learn. I found the perfect quote for me: “Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living” (by Anthony Douglas Williams). I believe I have been guided to learn and the wisdom of my learning comes from living it.

   It is all in the perception.   

Spiritually, I feel so blessed. I have been Divinely guided to where I am today. I not only work with Lou as her assistant in the Energy Medicine Institute, but I also get to learn from her. Lou’s training in energy psychology helps me to better understand the blocks that prevent me from stepping up and sharing my medicine with the world. Learning from Lou allows me to move from being the perpetual student to becoming the master.

My daily spiritual practice is ever-evolving as I learn new skills and my goal is to strengthen that connection as part of my daily life. Just as I go to the gym to strengthen my physical body, I also make time to strengthen my spiritual practice and connection. My connection with Spirit is now my default setting and not something that I take out of the cupboard and try on once in a while to see how it fits.


What is distorted perception and how can we work with energy to transform it? Perception or awareness is a response to the world around us. In addition to our eight senses we have an awareness of the state of our own body, such as position and movement of our limbs, and that awareness is similar to perception but not dependent on our eight senses. There is a third kind of awareness, one that is distinct, at least conceptually, from our awareness of our body condition, movements, and our own mental states. Our subconscious mind takes in two million bits of information per second and yet our conscious mind can only take in one hundred and thirty-four bits of information per second.

Our subconscious mind stores all of the information BUT it generalised, distorts and deletes

BUT it generalised, distorts and deletes the two million bits per second down to one hundred and thirty-four bits of information per second so that the conscious mind can work with it. So what determines the large bits of information that gets generalised, distorted and deleted? Our life experiences, create a filter that we view life through, it is the filters we set through our incoherent stories that block the Divine wisdom that guides us through life.

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Blessed Be
Lou Reed, Energy Shaman
Founder, Energy Medicine Institute


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