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What is chronic pain and how do we work with energy to transform it?
In this powerful story of transforming chronic pain through the power of energy medicine, Lou interviews one of the Council of Elders, Tania, who shares with you: 1. What happened 2. What it was like before energy medicine 3. What is it like now after energy medicine? This is an excerpt from the book ‘The Power of Energy Medicine.’

Lou: Tan I would love for you to share a significant life experience where you worked with energy medicine to transform your life? 

Tania: I was eighteen years old, and had my license for three months. My friends and I lived in a small country town. We decided to go for a drive to Melbourne City, which was four hours away. On the way home, it was 3 am and I fell asleep while driving. I drove across the road and crashed into a tree. There were three other people in my car, they got a few minor cuts and bruises, I suffered horrific injuries.

I had to be cut out of the car, taken by ambulance back to Melbourne hospital.

They operated on me for ten hours. I was in intensive care for two weeks and stayed in the hospital for ten months, until I was allowed to go home. I suffered multiple injuries to my shoulder, head, wrist, arms, both legs, left ankle, crushed vertebrates in my back, and injuries to most of my internal organs. I had around twenty eight operations over the next twelve months.

When the ambulance driver was taking me from Melbourne hospital back to my hometown, he told me that he was the one that attended my car accident and said that he didn’t think that I would survive. He was so surprised to see me alive. I can’t remember the car accident, I only remember waking up two weeks later in hospital. I am so lucky to be alive.

Lou: Tan what was it like physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually before energy medicine?

Tania: My car accident was thirty years ago. It has affected me every day. It changed my life completely. It has been extremely hard emotionally. I have suffered chronic pain for the past thirty years. It affects all areas of my being, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Emotionally, I get depressed, as I can’t join in with friends or family activities.

My body is full of scars from operations. I am always the one who stays back, while everyone else does fun activities. I felt guilty, as I put my parents and siblings under a lot of stress from the car accident. I was a great student at school but after the car accident I received head injuries and that has affected my memory and also, I have a real hard time pronouncing words that I didn’t before the accident. I make jokes as I can’t pronounce some words, but deep down it hurts, as I feel stupid and I know that I knew them before the car accident.

After my accident, I become depressed, lonely, and bored as I couldn’t do all the activities that I had before. I found that I had suffered a lot of difficulty with my thinking, memory, and concentration and this made me very depressed. I lost confidence in myself and my abilities. Mentally, after my car accident, all my dreams were put on hold. It stopped my life, I couldn’t make any goals. I just gave up on any bucket list. I just had to go along with my body, as my injuries were always giving me pain. The chronic pain stopped me from doing a lot of things as a young adult. I gave up on a life of joy and just lived day by day, depressed and uninspired.

Physically, it has stopped me from doing a lot of physical activity. I can’t run, I can’t wear high heels, I can’t walk far, I can’t play netball or ride my horse, like I used to do. I can’t join in with family activities. I have chronic pain in my shoulder area, neck area, whole back area, legs area, and ankle area. I have arthritis in my broken joints and pain stops me from doing a lot of things. I can’t sit for too long and also can’t stand too long.

I had to give up working as I am in so much pain.

I suffer numbness, aching, throbbing pain in my body. I can only sleep for two hours and then wake up, so I don’t even remember a night that I have slept eight hours straight. I suffer from fibromyalgia. Spiritually, my family have always been very spiritual. Sometimes I am so grateful for being alive after the car accident but sometimes I wonder, why it had to happen to me. I use my spiritual practices in my life to help with pain through meditation and chanting. Having this accident at such a young age has made me want to make sense of my experience. I have searched for meaning and healing solutions which have taken me into many spiritual and alternative healing practices and this is how I eventually found the Energy Medicine Institute.

Lou: Tan what was the gift in this experience, what have you uncovered about who you are and who you are becoming?

Tania: It has taken me a long time to realise what I have learnt from this car accident experience. First I should have listened to my body, as I knew I was tired that night when we went for a drive, but I drove because we were in my car. With all the pain and injuries that I have suffered, I was still able to have five beautiful children. I would have loved to have more but my body couldn’t carry another pregnancy so that stopped my family growing.

My children have kept me going while going through all this pain.

I think if I didn’t have them, I may not have continued living. I travelled for ten months around Australia with the kids after my marriage ended. I learnt that if I can do this, I don’t need to rely on my husband. I loved meeting people at the caravan parks and the energy picked up in Queensland, it was a great energy to be around. It felt like I was coming out into the world, doing normal stuff and I put the kids in school for three months in Cairns.

One of the hardest things was having to tell the kids there was no Easter Bunny, because I couldn’t get the eggs for them on my own. Even if I had been able to, they would have melted. This whole travel experience was empowering. We just did it. Things fell into place and the kids learnt so much about the countryside, Aboriginal culture, and many national parks and wildlife experiences.

Along the way, I searched for healing. Particularly for my pain. To understand and find meaning for my experiences. I researched for myself and then did courses related to what I learnt. I studied massage, herbal medicine and homeopathy which are about energy. Doctors couldn’t help, so I helped myself. I was learning for myself. Energy Medicine Institute teachings just made sense.

Energy work is my medicine or that’s what I was all about in my past life.

I could find bits and pieces from other modalities but it is the energy side that really feels right to me. I had studied a lot of energy medicine but it was not giving me the answers. Energy Medicine Institute gives me something to help me move to the next stage. Being able to uncover and understand the wounded stories and emotions, helps me understand what is going on and how to work with my own body. That is all we have.

I have always said that my children gave me light to keep going. I got to the dark places and my kids were my lifeline. I did it for them, I found my way through the darkness, back to the light. My dad has been very spiritual all his life and he would come and get me out of bed and say, “come on shake-up”. My parents were very supportive. My kids keep me occupied so I don’t sit and think about my pain.

I’m determined to keep living. You just do it. I got so much joy out of the children, they made me feel younger, not in pain or upset, their love was there. I learnt about the power of sharing love, through my children. I was also a robot, just being a mum, didn’t think about myself, my body, or my pain. I have a lot more pain now, than when I was younger and busy bringing the kids up. I was going to go to university, but my life was stopped.

I’ve learnt that my children are my path and I studied to learn to help myself.

If I listen to one side, my ego, I could get so depressed, I have this other side that pulls me out and keeps me going. I never saw the whole path, I haven’t had ten or twenty-year goals, just one step at a time. I had to just keep going, getting the strength I needed, when I needed it. I don’t know where it comes from, it just turns up, and builds inside me. I might not have known my strength, had I gone on a different path. There is always someone worse than me. If they can do it, I can do it.

I’ve learnt about strength and presence during my life and how we can use our experiences and our medicine that we take from those experiences to help others. We can all help each other, you don’t have to be 100% healed to contribute. I can still turn up and help, even with my injuries. I can show up, it gives me something to get out of bed for and live. It comes naturally. It is just right and I love it. We can help other people to change the world, it is a ripple effect around the world. Really powerful.

Since finding Energy Medicine Institute it has made me realise, that I am here for a reason and that I can turn my terrible experience into helping other people like me. At Energy Medicine Institute we are all turning up as a team and sharing our medicine. I use my Facebook skills, because I can still deal with my issues while managing the groups. I can turn off Facebook group training, when I want to and come back to it at any time. I can only sleep a couple of hours at a time, so I am awake during our night here in Australia that means that I am able to help our beloveds who live in other time zones around the world.

I can’t work a nine to five job.

At Energy Medicine Institute, I can pick up and rest whenever I need. I love the research, learning the process and understanding why we do it, helps me and it helps me to help others. Lou gives clear answers and offers the next step.  I try to put myself in a learner’s position or how I would feel in their position, working to encourage them through love and kindness. You’ve had that breakthrough but don’t give up, find these dark emotions and keep going, one step at a time, we break it down and support our beloveds.

We have the energy daily practices and energy initiations, if you have a challenging time you still have some medicine to boost you back up to go to the next step. The energy tools are there to guide and support you on your path. The medicine is there if you just use it and I encourage others to learn this. Some people like to be heard, they feel better if witnessed. Our Energy Medicine Institute group is there to support them, not judge them.


What is Chronic Pain and how can we work with energy to transform it? Interestingly enough pain does not have to be physical pain, it also applies to emotional pain and spiritual pain. The medical fraternity classifies chronic as having the “pain” emotional, physical or spiritual for more than six months.

We do not have pain sensors in our physical body.

All pain is filtered through our danger sensors. When we have chronic pain for more than six months our danger senses become heightened. It is like upgrading your home security system from a keypad alarm to an eye retinal scanner, it becomes hypersensitive. This has a flow-on effect to our emotions.

Life experiences that would not normally hit our radar, are now filtered through our new eye retinal security alarm system and we feel emotions much more deeply, triggering pain in our physical. It becomes a catch 22. Now we are looking to reduce our pain through regulating our emotions.

If you or your loved one has experienced chronic pain, I invite you to head over to our FREE betrayal energy process and experience the power of energy medicine.

Energy Medicine has the power to transform all areas of your life! It is the new healing paradigm.

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Blessed Be
Lou Reed, Energy Shaman
Founder, Energy Medicine Institute


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