Lou Reed

Energy Medicine Institute

The Way Of Medicine Women ❤️✨

In times of need, we find ourselves intuitively drawn to Medicine Women. Often the sage elders, women and wise ones in the community. This is because we sense they have the keys to solve our mysteries and fulfill our longings.

The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is what medicine people have in common; this subtle form of medicine: “truth telling” happens in a community as an act of love. How do you explain the medicine of a loving mother, or the medicine in blessing rituals, the medicine of goodwill and human kindness, or the power of spoken words? However, the art of storytelling can reveal such mysteries.

Medicine Women teach us that all medicine starts with good intentions. When people come together and intend on a positive outcome, say restoring wholeness and seeing someone as a “whole being”, their collective intentions are used to bring someone back to natural health.

Our collective and individual intention is how we can put our own energy to good use and walk a purposeful path. All of life: Earth, trees, oceans and the flora and fauna, and the elementals are all divine and alive in Nature. And we can call on them not only to heal but to manifest the life of our dreams. The world of our dreams. We can dream the world awake.