Lou Reed

Energy Medicine Institute

Spiritual Awakening ❤️✨

Our vagus nerve transports light through our bodies and fast tracks our spiritual evolution or the power of spiritual awakening. So, what is the vagus nerve and why is it important to master its power within our bodies? Let’s explore the power of our Vagus Nerve, its role in moving out of anxiety and depression, our head/heart connection and how it’s our gateway to a deeper spiritual knowing.  🙏

What is The Vagus Nerve and how does it serve us?
The Vagus Nerve begins its journey through the human body emerging from the medulla which is the lower part of the brain stem. Named after the Latin word for ‘Wandering’, the Vagus Nerve (The Wanderer Nerve) is the longest nerve of your entire nervous system.

Like a system of roots running down the back of your neck, branching off to the left and right side of your body, it’s responsible for inter-phasing with the parasympathetic control of your heart, lungs and digestive system. It’s your parasympathetic nervous system that’s responsible for rest, light and digestion. The Vagus Nerve can slow down your heart rate, lower blood pressure and increase digestion.

Activating The Vagus Nerve
The Vagus Nerve naturally performs its vital work of regulating your internal organs, digestive system, respiratory rate, heart rate and certain reflex actions such as sneezing, coughing and swallowing the power of spiritual awakening the Vagus Nerve. Yet, you can also learn to physically ‘activate’ and turn up (known as stimulating) the frequency of these functions. When you physically activate the Vagus Nerve, you’ll instantly send a message throughout your entire body to relax, let go and allow light to more easily flood your being. It’s a practice that can upshift your consciousness, as you work with the Mind. Body. Soul Coherence in real-time.

Activating your Vagus Nerve can also release stuck energy in your four lower bodies, allowing you to more easily let go of past experiences. It also allows for deeper spiritual experiences into the body and for aligning the consciousness of your head and heart (the personality and soul). 🥰

How to Activate your Vagus Nerve and Uplevel Your Spiritual Light

  • Breathe slowly in and out of your belly. Begin the breath right down into the belly and take it up all the way through your lungs, before you slowly exhale. Take a whole body breath, bringing into action the entire use of your lungs, filling up your body with light.
  • Exposing Yourself to Cold – A brisk morning walk in the chilly air with lighter clothing, or finishing your shower with a cold blast lowers your ‘fight or flight’ response and increases the body’s ability to relax.
  • Chanting OM – The Vagus Nerve is connected to your vocal cords, so that when you chant OM or hum in a deep resonance you naturally activate the nerve endings, sending a flood of relaxing light through your being. Chanting builds up immunity too.
  • Mindfulness – The act of mindfulness naturally releases tension in your muscles, which increases vagal tone and allows messages between your head and your heart to more easily flow.
  • Energy Healing – Energy practices naturally release stuck energy in the body. Working through the head, neck and feet stimulates vagal tone, as does working directly on the right side of the neck, gently massaging the carotid sinus.
  • Sleeping on your right side (rather than left side) – This keeps your heart lines free and open, so that vagal activity is higher. I also liken this to the Reclining Buddha stance. The Buddha laid down, reaching enlightenment, during physical transition – on the right side (the physical side), with heart and soul (on the left side) open and free.