Ancestral Healing ❤️✨

The Power of Ancestral Healing. Our ancestral medicine lives in the cells of our being and as light-bearers, we are being called to awaken it and collectively bring healing to the world. 🙏

Today we work with our Organs. Last month we explored our 12 Meridians which are divided into yin and yang groups. This month we explore the yin yang organs. In energy medicine, we look at the energetic aspect of our organs and how it fits inside of our energy system as a whole, and how our energy system is part of the Universal energy weave taking the concept of ‘we are all one’ to a whole new level.

In the West, our concept of health is largely limited to nutrition, disease and the study of the body in isolation from the mind and spirit. However, this division only exists in our mind, as there is no true separation between any aspects of the mind-body-spirit.  A challenge in one area automatically creates an energetic imbalance in another. this is the power of ancestral healing

To truly heal and address disease or energetic imbalances, we work with what has manifested as a physical symptom. However, it is also important to heal our spiritual, mental and emotional imbalances that created our wounded stories (or less than optimal frequencies) in our energy system otherwise, it will simply reappear in another form. 😘

Symptoms in our physical body are meant to inform us that something in our four lower bodies is out of alignment and is calling to be tended to.

👌Energy Initiation Energy Initiation
👌Energy Daily Practice Daily Pratice

I invite you to:
✅ Listen to the audio with your eyes closed
✅ Watch the audio with your eyes open
✅ Listen to the energy initiation prompt once
✅ Listen to the energy daily practice each day until our next month’s ancestral healing
✅ Taking any words, thoughts or images to your journal after each session

The energy daily practice is an important piece of sustaining the new frequency that you have called in through the energy initiation. It allows your energy system to rewire itself from your old way of being into your new way of being. If you miss a day that is ok simply take a breath, move your body and gently bring yourself back to the energy daily practice.

Blessed Be
Lou Reed, Energy Shaman❤️✨

Founder, Energy Medicine Institute

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