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Tribal News, an online campus for inspirational leaders. A call to come together as one and create a world beyond ordinary. To find inspirational leaders to befriend, to collaborate with to be inspired by. A tribe of like-minded energy warriors, changing the world by living the true of who we are. Our passion is to create sustainable generational change, changing the world one act of courage at a time.

What Is Our Time Continuum Energy Center ❤️✨

Our memory or time continuum energy center, when coherent, is around encompassing past lives, and our memories of other dimensions. It is a beautiful, mysterious energy center that connects our physical body to our souls experience in its totality.

What Is Our Third Eye Energy Center ❤️✨

Our third eye Energy Center when coherent, is around connection with our pineal gland and rules our telepathic ability, a vortex of subordination, it is empowered by critical thinking, especially when we seek to release fear and guilt.

What Is Our Heart Energy Center ❤️✨

Our heart energy center when coherent, is related to our personal and romantic relationships. We drop into feelings of joy and real freedom. It is strengthened through trust, non-manipulative communication, and authentic respect for ourselves and others.