LIVE Energy Activation DNA Strand 8 ❤️✨

Dear Ones,

Strengenthing Our Internal Boundaries DNA Stand 8.

During this journey, we live in the Unknown. Unknown of where we’re going, Unknown as we are letting go, and Unknown of who we are becoming. When we think of setting Internal Energy Boundaries we move forward with faith, trust, and love. But in letting go of our wounded stories and of things that we have enjoyed and kept us safe in the past,  there is a feeling of grief and loss even if we know it is important to let go.

So how do we grieve? Grief is a process. It’s not, I am grieving and it will be over it soon.  It’s how do we integrate the loss into our life.  It’s not just about death of a person. It is about death of a way of being, not making the grades that you thought you should, not having the success you want, not setting boundaries.  Grieving that you don’t know how to do it in a different way.  Grieving because you haven’t spoken up and were not clear enough. Not getting what you think you deserve.  Setting boundaries and having people react.  Grieving letting go of friendships that are not healthy anymore.

Grief comes in many forms. Especially on this journey as we’re letting go of old wounded stories that have served us well, we will feel grief even if we are ready and want to let go.  There are stages of grief. It is like a spiral we move from one state to another.  Sometimes we are in one stage and then we move to another, and back again.

The first stage is denial you can’t believe this is happening.  I don’t want to think about it.  Emotions are all mixed up. We feel we have air for brains. We may have outbursts. We can feel numb and void.

The second stage is anger and protest. In this stage we may be searching for answers we may feel helpless.  We may have increased feelings and emotions. We may feel anger or crying, have nausea, can’t sleep, be irritable. feel guilt, or self-criticism.

In the third stage of disorganization, there is depression, confusion, restlessness, apathy, and fear. We may experience crying, loss of interest, feeling like we’re going crazy,  separateness.  We don’t know where we belong and don’t feel like we belong anywhere.

The next day stage is reorganization.  We are trying new patterns of behavior, a new self, periods of energy, detachment from old patterns, and feel like we making new interests and new friends and finding new meaning in life and death and renewed or new socialization.

This is not, I have finished one stage and move on to the next. This is a spiral we can move from reorganization to protest to disorganization to shock.

What do we do with grief? What do we do when we are feeling crazy?  We allow these times of needing to rest and just let it integrate. It may feel like we’re not doing anything but again this is the stage of unknowing. It’s like a butterfly in a cocoon that is starting to crack and we see some light; and as it cracks, we don’t know what’s going to happen.  Our wings are wet.  We feel like we’re in an Unknown Territory.  What will we do? Nothing seems to fit anymore. We come out of the cocoon and our wings are wet and yet we start feeling the sun and the movement of air and we start little by little practicing moving our wings. And then we begin to fly.  We can move them and we feel the freedom that we have never had.

We have let go of the old story that has kept us in prison for so long.  And yes there is a change of frequency and it may come up again and we may have to do it on a different level. But we are slowly learning to unwind the stories that have bound us and kept us locked into our smallness. Realizing that we are the Light and that we are called to Divine Purpose and Divine Timing.

So taking time to rest.  Meditate, journal, drink lots of water, eat healthily and be very gentle with yourself.  Trusting the movement.  Trusting the fallow times. Trusting the grief. Allowing all emotions and not running from them or pushing them away but loving them for they are letting you clear out the frequencies and energy that no longer serve you. Start to be curious about our grief and get to know it.  It’s not easy to change. It’s not easy to feel like we are becoming a new self.

Friendships may not feel right. Relationships need to change as we start to speak out our truth. People are not used to our speaking our truth.  So when we do, there may be some pushback. But staying true to yourself into your new understanding is very important.  Baby steps, taking the baby steps needed to do it little at a time. Trusting that you are being guided, listen deeply. Continuing the processes. Allowing the grief, allowing then the joy of freedom.  The joy will come in small moments perhaps but as we practice it will become a more and more stable way of being.

I invite you to share in the comments below:

1. What are you grieving?
2. What is your place of unknowing?
3. Where have you felt the freedom of letting go of old ones and feeling new and alive in a different way?

Love & Blessings Diana Bonnici
Multi Dimensional Light Bearer ❤️😇🙏🏻

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