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Dear Ones,

When I think of Accepting both Light & Shadow aspects of self DNA Strand 7
In thinking about how I love and accept the light and shadow aspects of myself, I am aware that I can only do that from a place beneath my ego-self mind. Coming from a place of Love and Oneness I can accept all of me without the judgment.  I can understand the wounded stories that stop me from accepting all of me. Sometimes it is harder for me to accept goodness and success than to let my inner critic run wild with all the negative.

Meditation is a time to rest in Divine Love and to be able to see and experience all parts of myself knowing I am okay and safe and that all parts of myself are loved.

For me prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening to God.  We talk about being present in this moment to our core self, our true self, our Divine Wisdom, or Higher Self but what does that mean?  What does it mean to sit in silence and feel our heartbeat, to breathe into our belly and feel the connection to all that is?  What does it mean to touch below our self-judgment and inner critic, to listen to the still small voice of love inside of us?

There is no single way to meditate.  There are, however, certain acts and attitudes that help us awaken to states of mediative awareness.

Meditation awareness can be felt reciting a mantra, chanting, journaling, prayer, nature walks,  beach sitting, silent sitting, meditating on a candlelight, or listening to guided imagery.  Many people find running or exercise meditative because it means that we are living in this Only Moment.  Being in the Moment is where we experience the Divine.

Living in this Moment allows us to make wise choices, not living in the future which has not come to be or in the past which is over.  It doesn’t mean we don’t have these feelings and thoughts.  There is time that we need to really look at the feelings and say, is this how we want to be.  We need to plan for the future.  We need to work with old wounded stories. Finding a place of rest is really important to give us grounding to do this work. Being present to what is…not caught in should, could, and judgment.  Allowing all of us to be present, seen, and accepted. Being mindful means experiencing this moment in all its fullness. Being aware of all that is going on and grounding into the Body Core.  Being mindful and present in this moment is not a Mind exercise but a Body/Heart experience.  Allowing our Self to just be.

How do we calm our mind?  How do we move beneath the monkey mind and chatter to rest in Oneness?  Our goal is not to Stop thinking.  Our goal is not to be caught in it. The longer we sit, however, the mind usually becomes calm and thoughts do slow down if we do not engage with them.

My life practice is Zazen meditation.
For me there is sitting meditation and then living meditation in my everyday life.  In sitting Zazen meditation we are aware of our breathing.  We can sit on a chair or we can sit on a pillow, keeping the spine straight and our head up, breathing. We breathe in through our nose all the way down to 2 inches below our belly button which is the center point of gravity…our Tanden, Core Self, our Peaceful Light or Na’au in Hawaiian. Filling the vase from the bottom up, the air comes up through the chest and we breathe out through our nose.  By breathing this way we are expanding our diaphragm and taking a full breath.  As we begin to feel and experience the warmth in our belly and feel the comfort of feeling settled in our body we will be called to sit more.  When our mind wanders we come back to the breath.  Suzuki Roshi would say “Open the front door and the back door and let the thoughts come and go.  Don’t invite them for tea.”  Or be like mount Fuji, allow our thoughts to move like clouds past the solid mountain.  For me Zazen is being aware of my breath.  With my eyes open at a 45° angle, I stay in my body. Then I am like a mirror reflecting all that is around me, hearing and being present without the mind chatter and judgment.  I like to have my eyes slightly open because I tend to leave my body if my eyes are closed or if I am on a guided imagery. To remain present in my body in this holy moment and be aware of my breathing, I just AM. Nothing to do, nothing to feel, unconditionally loved and the still quiet voice within me lets me know all is OK.  We can start our meditation with a prayer or a bell and end in the same way or bowing with my hands at my heart together in gassho showing gratitude  Grateful for this sacred time.

Meditation with our eyes at a 45 degree angle allows us to Live Meditation in our every waking moment.  Being in our body we can take the practice of living from Oneness into being in the world in our everyday life.  Returning to breathe, to ground and remind us not to get caught in all our ego chatter. Living in the Now and being mindful with our Inner Wisdom/Body/Heart.  For me creating a sacred space or an altar is really important in my process in my practice. In our home we have altars in every room, reminding us of our spiritual journey and living from truth, love, light and wisdom. An altar can be as simple as a picture on a bookshelf or chest. You may want to add a candle to light to help you be aware of the space. Your altar may have a flower or a crystal or whatever sacred objects you feel you want to help remind you of this sacred space and time.

You can do a walking meditation. It can be a regular walk where you are aware of the sights and sounds around you in this Present Moment. You can walk and breathe in love and breathe out love, you can breathe in pain and breathe out love.  Or it can be the meditation walking practice of Kinhin. In this practice you take half steps with your eyes slightly open, looking down.  You breathe in, then you take a half step, breathing out take a half step…slowing the world down to this moment and being present.

There is something very powerful about being able to observe our thoughts and not be attached them.  This is a very important process. Being aware of wounded stories our ego is using to protect itself, how do we move beyond the normal way that we think and act and listen deeply to what is our truth. What do we believe?  Can we just sit in silence and wait for an answer. It may feel like a wasted time of not doing anything. But it is the Great Mystery that is touched through this process. I suggest starting with five minutes a day or even 5 breathes. I like to sit in the morning as soon as I wake up.    When a thought comes, come back to our breath. Even if the thought stays for a while…come back to your breathe when you are aware.  No judgement. People say I can’t sit because my mind is too busy.  I can’t stop my thoughts. Our mind is suppose to secrete thoughts. Our practice is to not get caught in them.  When our mind is racing that is exactly the time to sit because it allows us to move underneath what is going on and to feel the support of Divine Wisdom, to be aware and shown the next step.

My whole life is my meditation practice.  When I get up off my mat I am reminded to stay present, to feel and to surrender to Divine Wisdom in my life. Can I be aware 100% of the time .. but just like in meditation when I stray from the moment and get caught in my thinking I come back to my breath and move forward in my day. This is my life practice.  Having this grounding allows me to not get caught in reactivity but to be able to respond. I live Divine Wisdom within Divine Timing.

I open the day with mediation and I close the day with a short meditation surrendering my life with gratitude for grace and guidance 

  1. How do you connect to Divine Wisdom?
  2. What would you like to create to help remind you to take this time to Listen to Divine Wisdom?
  3. What are parts are in your shadow that are hard to accept?

Love & Blessings Diana Bonnici
Multi Dimensional Light Bearer ❤️😇🙏🏻

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