LIVE Energy Activation DNA Strand 6 ❤️✨

Dear Ones,

When thinking of Living Through Our Pure Potential DNA Strand 6, I felt called to share that living our true potential does not mean needing to be something “more” for wholeness and perfection. It means living the wholeness of who we are and embracing the full reality of who we are, just as we are.

We are perfect just we are right Now.
When we affirm and recognize the “Oneness” of who we are, we don’t need to eliminate or perfect any part of ourself. That doesn’t mean we don’t grow and clear old wounded stories or frequencies.  It means that right here and now we are Divine Wisdom and Divine Timing on our journey.

From this place we listen deeply to our next step and action.
In loving all parts of ourself we listen and love those parts that have guided us to where we are today. We can understand that we did the best we could with the knowledge we had and what we chose to survive. Now we are healing our wounded stories and parts of this life and in our DNA.  

When we include all, our selves we move from our inner critics to our inner allies.
Each part is working to protect us. If we understand that we can love each part, we can then choose to do it differently or tell a different story. This is the clearing of wounded stories we do with IMI.  

Wholeness and Oneness also includes differentiation.
Not One, Not Two, Two and One.  We are connected in ways we cannot begin to understand. One small water molecule sits in relationship to billions of others and is, in fact, part of an ocean. It also lives in relationship to the tide, the winds, the heat, and the rain. This is true for all of us living as human beings together and connected.

Fusion is a union that sacrifices differentiation.
Wholeness retains differentiation. Without wholeness, we only hear the noise of the many parts of ourselves speaking all at once trying to get our attention and lead our lives.  Without differentiation, we hear only the single note and not the harmonics. When we live the path of wholeness we do not just hear our fragmented selves. But we sense a larger wholeness…a wholeness that includes All.  

The feeling of being a drop in the ocean…of surrendering to Oneness, being guided.
We are all interconnected. A prayer I say states “Remind me we are all One and what I do to another I do to myself.”  When I love myself, I am able to love others and care for the earth more fully and all I do for others becomes part of my self-care, and my personal self-care also affects all.

When we remember our Oneness, we experience a deeper sense of the greater whole.
We feel we belong to a place, a community, and tribe, to the earth, to God or Divine Wisdom, and to the Cosmos. We live wholeness when we know that we already are enough. This is a daily practice of remembering and using tools to help us remember: mediation, prayer, journaling, creativity, inner self-exploration.

Living wholeness is living Love that gathers all in Unity.
It is living with an openness of mind and heart, to encounter others as parts of ourself and not strangers. To honor objects and acts in our life as one’s Self is to treat all beings and things with respect and caring. When we do this we feel related and come to trust our truest and deepest belonging, calling, and potential.

I have been really trying to understand what it means to be a Multidimensional Light Bearer.
This was a new calling for me and I have come to understand that living as a Multidimensional Light Bearer is not about being from another planet but really about living “in the world and not of it”.  I am a being of this earth but I am also living from awareness and love of the Oneness that upholds us all.  

Living Oneness and Differentiation.
Being a Multidimensional Light Bearer is holding the light of love and Oneness and guiding others to understand and let their light to shine. When we embrace the wholeness of who we are in ourself it radiates to others with greater love.

I always said I was an angel in a body. My favorite song as a child was
“This little light of mine I am going to let it shine”

I felt through my EMI work that I embodied this angel energy and frequency into my body and Mother Earth

The story I wrote was:
Once  upon a time there was an angel
everyday she felt loved and free
One day she was in a  body
and then she was born
She didn’t like being in a body
She now has learned to join her
angel self fully in her body
finally  she now feels love and free in her body and on earth

And then  I was called:
I am an inspirational leader with a unique contribution
to the great unfolding and healing of the Universe
I let my light shine
I am guided and protected as I share and help others
uncover their unique gifts, calling and
sharing of their light.

Then I was called to own and surrender myself as a Multidimensional Light Bearer which meant that it was time to let my light shine so that others could understand their Light and share it with the world to change the frequency of this Life experience with love and light. 

Wholeness and love are inseparable..  

  1. How do you let your light shine?
  2. What stops you from embracing your wholeness?
  3. What is one step you can take to listen deeper to your Inner Oneness?

Love & Blessings Diana Bonnici
Multi Dimensional Light Bearer ❤️😇🙏🏻

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