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Dear Ones,

When I think of Bringing our 3 levels of consciousness into Coherence DNA Strand 5, I would love to share about Living Gratitude. Gratitude is my life practice. Gratitude for the small moments and big miracles, gratitude for the pain, gratitude for the joy, gratitude for others in my life. If I live a life of gratitude I am aware of all the miracles in my life…a flower growing in the crack of the cement…a call from a friend…a moment of supreme peace….

I find it challenging to be grateful when there is so much suffering in the world. When I taught Hospital Chaplaincy volunteers we talked about “why do bad things happen to good people” which is the name of a book. The premise of this book is that we really don’t know the full picture. We maybe know one thread in a whole cloth of life. The event does not justify the lessons..there is no lesson worth the “death of a child”.   

For me, we may never understand the “why” but we do have a choice of how to react when we experience it. As life lessons unfold in meanings far beyond our comprehension, we can choose to meet them with wisdom and compassion.  We are on a sacred journey with divine purpose. All of our lessons and experiences are a part of All That Is. We are all One. What happens to each part of the One affects the Whole.

Living Gratitude I try to stay with how do I respond in my heart, body, soul, mind, and actions.  What I want more of in the world is gratitude, light, and love. If I continue to send out hate and fear that does not change anything.  It just plays into the current frequency.  So how am I grateful when a person is killed, raped or a child is starving, or when that has happened to us. I practice Surrendering to what it is, feeling all the feelings of anger, fear, grief, hurt, and confusion. Surrendering these feelings.

Making the best choices I can. I practice resting in Faith and Trust that we are all being guided. Feeling gratitude Does include all the grief, fear, anger, and all emotions. I can feel the emotions but also rest in Faith. When I can’t rest in Trust and Faith, I take a breath. I pray and meditate and find that quiet Inner Light. I sit and allow the feelings to go through me. I pray for help. I pray for guidance. I surrender. I pray for wisdom and love and to be shown the way. Even tho I want it changed yesterday, I practice trusting in Divine Timing. I experience Gratitude that I am not alone..even if it feels like it.  

I think sometimes too much guilt and blame is placed on ourselves-Karma, I did something wrong, I choose this for a life lesson, I’m being punished, I need to feel more grief or forgiveness or for me to heal, I am not doing healing right. Those ideas come into our mind and ego and yet do we really know the truth or picture about anything or everything.  Healing may be on the emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental levels. When I pray I ask that healing happens where it is needed most.

Destruction comes before creation. I really trust that out of some of my worst times I’ve done my most growth and surrendered most to Divine Wisdom and felt the Infinite Love and Wisdom through the pain. I experience pain. I also experience faith and trust. Many of my major life-changing lessons come from those hardest times. Having faith that everything is exactly as it should be. It is a lifelong practice

It is easy to remember gratitude for the joyful moments but harder to remember in our fear, pain, or suffering to be grateful.. or if my children or family are suffering …mentally, emotionally physically, and spiritually. It is easier for me when I have difficulties to be grateful than I am for my children or family. I don’t want them to suffer or to feel pain…But realising they have soul lessons for whatever reason, we may know 10% of the why but really 90% is hidden.

The more I give them over to Divine Wisdom the more I trust Divine Timing. I can rest in Gratitude. I don’t know what we are here to learn for there is so much more to our life on earth. I really can’t fix anything or everything even if I want to.. But I can send Light, Love, and Gratitude and have faith that Divine Wisdom is guiding us and that we are all making the best choices we can with the knowledge and wisdom we have now.  

Very few people unless sociopathic choose to make a decision that they truly feel is bad for them. Some do not feel they have a choice with addiction or unhealthy ways of being or illness. They feel unable to change it.  That is where our choice comes in and support. We can’t change someone else’s behavior but we can be there to support them. Sometimes the greatest gift we can give is to trust they are doing their journey and back off. Very difficult with someone we love or even ourselves. 

This is where we practice Gratitude, Faith, and Trust in Divine Wisdom…

Even with all the craziness in the world, I keep reminding myself
Everything in my past was given in love
Everything in my present comes from love
Everything in my future will result in greater love

What do we do with our internal dialogue and judgment, how do we listen to our Inner Critic, how do we also then listen to our Inner Gratitude, I practice thanking my Inner Critic for her feedback for I know she is trying to take care of me but then I remind her I am not 5 years old anymore, I can listen to  Divine Wisdom and trust Divine Timing. Whatever happens, I will be given the resources to handle it in some way…not easy perhaps but also a soul lesson.  I also like to have gratitude talks with my  Inner Critic and let her know a different perspective.. write down the dialogue. 

In my life coaching practice I suggest that everyday couples do a daily gratitude journal and share that with their partner…three things they are grateful for their partner.   It has made a huge difference in their lives…focusing on the gratitude instead of what’s wrong and building on that.   Remember to tell our family and friends our gratitude and love for their being in our life.  They say that you need ten positives to outweigh one negative.   When I wake up at night I send light, love, and healing to the world.  When I am worried or fearful, I surround myself and the situation with Divine Light and Love.  It is what I can do in that moment.  

I suggest individuals do a miracle journal for themselves….
write the little miracles…I got a message I needed, I found the article I wanted, the traffic was light so I was on time for my appointment. If we write in our Miracle Journal every day, small and big, we will be reminded when we are having a hard time to trust and have faith and be grateful…

Give ourselves gratitude every day…
before we get out of bed and when we go to sleep. It may be “I woke up this morning” or “I am finally going to bed”. Be grateful for this journey of life, living in this present moment. 

It is our choice of how we react. We can’t control everything that happens in our life.   We do not know the why; we can’t fix everyone or the world;  but we can choose how we react and what action is right for this moment.   My choice is a practice of gratitude. I  don’t want to keep adding the energy of fear and worry.  I really hold onto the vision of Love and Light and put that frequency out into the world.

My prayer is that I surrender to Divine Wisdom, Divine Guidance, and Divine Timing. I deeply listen. My prayer is that I will be shown the next step in this moment that I need to take in the process of what is happening in my life or the world and pray for the highest good for self and others.   I pray for the strength to be able to answer the call.

Grant me the serenity
to accept the things that I cannot  change
Courage to change the things that I can
and Wisdom to know the difference.

I invite you to share in the comments below:

  1. How do you practice gratitude?
  2. How do you listen and experience gratitude in challenging times?
  3. What practices can you add to aid your choice for gratitude to yourself and the world?

Love & Blessings Diana Bonnici
Multi Dimensional Light Bearer ❤️😇🙏🏻

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