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Dear Ones,

When I think of bringing our Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Bodies into Coherence I think of “Choosing Change”…What do I want to change to bring coherence into my life…  

Let’s look at the STEPS TO CHANGE

We cannot create a new future holding on to the emotions of our past. To change is to get beyond the programs we hold in our mind of our future and the conditioning of our past. It is a time to ground into the present moment.

As we begin to observe our thoughts and feelings and work with IMI, we become aware of our behaviors and thoughts that do not serve us and are conditioned from the past. We explore the feelings and beliefs that we have been living.

The act of observing and being aware of those states of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies means we are no longer in the program. We can consciously observe the program and we have a “choice” of how we want to move forward.

This is the first step to change.  

Where we place our attention is where we place our energy. Our body does not know the difference between an actual experience in our life and the emotion that we are creating by thought alone. How do we direct our attention and embody what we want in our life instead of what we don’t want in our life?

The best way to predict our future is to create it. We can teach our body emotionally what the future feels like before it is made manifest. By doing this we move from one state of mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional of the old self, into a new state of our Being.

Most of us would like change to be immediate with a flash of internal wisdom. That has happened to me in meditation where I had a powerful experience and insight that changed my life but I have found that I have to practice the new way of being in my daily life as old behaviours and thoughts would come in but I can choose to come from the new insight and understanding in my life.

Other times change comes as a calling or a decision.

First, we acknowledge the calling or make a decision that we want something to be different. We create our vision. Then we explore our why. Why do I want something different? What do I want to feel and think from this new way of being in the world? We visualize and embody the feeling and vision of the change.

Then we make the choice to let go of our old conditioning in ways of thinking and behaving. We have to choose a new way of being that aligns with our Vision and decision.

We also need to Deeply Listen to our Inner Wisdom to guide us and show us the way. Then we need to take action. It is not enough to just Visualise…we need to make choices and to take one baby step a time to manifest our Vision.

The First Step to manifesting change is a CALLING, DECISION, and VISION  

We may feel a deep longing or calling to find our inner wisdom, our innate value, our inner truth or to let our Light shine, and to share that with the world.

Then we make a decision to follow that calling. Or maybe we make a decision that we want more intimacy in our life, a healthier lifestyle mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. We may want to let go of unhealthy addictive behaviors or choose a healthier way of living our life.

Once we feel or experience a deep calling for something to change or we know that we need to make a decision to change, we can create a detailed vision of what we would like. What would the end result be of our vision?

What is our highest ideal for the vision? When we vision in detail we can embody a vision of how we want to live in our body, our mind, our spirit, and heart as if our vision has already happened.

Our mind does not know the difference between what our mind thinks as the past and what we visualise, we make a decision to not live and make the same choices we have made in the past. Change happens when we make that decision and live a new Vision and way of being in the world.

Be clear on the vision 

As part of our visioning process, we look at our “why”.
Why do we want to change?
What do we want to feel and think in this new way of being?
How do we show up in the world?
What is the outcome of our desired vision in our life?
What is the experience we want from our decision?
What is the feeling that we want, more joy in our life, more love, healthier body, mind, soul or heart, more freedom, feeling guided, less stress, to be of service?
What is the experience in our body that we would like to feel, peace, less stress, calm, health, joy.

When we know our why, then write down our vision and the experience of our why in our body. We begin to experience the feelings and change our thinking from this place of our vision as reality. We feel and visualise those feelings Now.

Visualise it, think about it, feel the feeling in our body and start living from that place. Put our vision on our altar. Remind ourself daily of our decision and vision.

What choices would we make with this experience in our body, mind, heart and soul… It is a continual practice as our old ways continue to come up. Take a breathe…feel your feet….make a choice…

Remember the vision is a place to come from, not to get to. Many times our vision will take twists and turns that we couldn’t even imagined but we reach a destination where we experience the feelings and thoughts we desire in our life.

The next Step is CHOICE  

We may choose to let go of what we are told we cannot do. We may choose to try something new. It takes a choice, a step, a movement and action to make this a reality. It doesn’t need to be a big step but it’s every day making a choice that we want to be think or feel different and we live that choice.

Can we let go of old conditioned responses? If doubt, resistance, or fear come, and they will because the ego does not like change, we can decide and make a choice of whether we want to continue to live the way in stagnation of the old beliefs or wake up. We can come from the feeling of the new beliefs and make a choice to act from there.

It is important to own the truth of our reality while holding the energy of possibility. When the old conditioned thought comes up, acknowledge it, love it and see if there is a message we need to listen to and then return to our Vision experience.

It is important to own our truth of what is our reality now and hold the truth and Vision in the present moment. The invitation is to choose to not hold the truth through the lens of the known or lack but to simply be present to and witness our reality with no judgement then open to the new. Open to the new Vision and the new way of being that we are manifesting.

The next step is to DEEPLY LISTEN  

If we listen deeply we will be guided. It may not look like we think it should and the step may not be the one we thought we should take or the change doesn’t happen quickly enough but our Inner Wisdom will guide the way.

Every day we may take a small baby step to do something different. It needs to be a choice every day not to follow old patterns. When we listen to our inner wisdom, what we want may come in a way that is not as we expected. We may experience the feelings of the Why but it is not manifest in the way we thought it should.

The next step is ACTION

When we start coming from the Calling or Decision and Vision, making Choices, and deep Listening, we can start looking at what action steps we take. We know that we are being guided. Rest in faith and listen deeply to what the next step is.

Then take the action. The action is one step at a time and when we take the one step, the next step will also open up. Sometimes it takes a while for the action to manifest. This is where patience, faith and trust step in but continue to take the baby step to manifest what you want.

To Summarise

Listen to our calling, make a decision, create a vision, write it down, feel it in our body, mind, heart and soul and live it daily, know our Why, live from that place of our vision. Make a choice. Listening to our Deep Inner Wisdom, we can take action, one baby step at a time. Trusting and having Faith that we are being guided in Divine Timing.

I invite you to share in the comments below:

  1. What is one Calling or Decision you want to live for coherence in your Mental, Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Bodies?
  2. What is your why?
  3. What is one action step toward that Vision?

Love & Blessings Diana Bonnici
Multi Dimensional Light Bearer ❤️😇🙏🏻

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