LIVE Energy Activation DNA Strand 3 ❤️✨

Dear Ones, 

When I think of the Divine Union of Male and Female in DNA Strand 3, what comes to my heart is the Divine marriage and union of Male and Female within me. I think about the Male energy as “doing”, thinking, giving, and figuring out. The Female energy is “being”, intuitive, listening, receiving, and open.  

Both are very important and have a place in our lives. Our society values “doing” but the deep Sacred Journey we are taking calls us to “be”.

On this sacred journey many times there is a feeling of needing to stop and rest….to let our frequency integrate into our body, to let our mind rest, to let go of the “doing” and rest in the “being”.

It is time to paint,” do nothing”, read, watch the ocean, write, do puzzles, putter, even clean a closet if I am called. For me, this is a time separated from exercise, mediation, or spiritual work. It is time to just “be”…and it may include those components if that is my “calling”.  

Our society is into “doing” both in action and consuming to fill our time and the emptiness we feel. We are only what we “produce” or “do” that has value.

Our society does not value “rest”. I used to call it “rest” days now I call it “flow” days. “Rest” to me has some connotation that I am not well, or I have to be exhausted to take the time.

I remember many years ago I would only read spiritual or educational books. I remember on a July 4th camping trip I discovered romance novels. Such an idea to let the world go and get lost in the romance story.  

I also used to go on longer meditation retreats. I loved this time as I didn’t have to think of others or talk. It was a time of silence for hours.. a time in a safe container. A time to listen deeply and “be”. What does it mean to take this safe container into our daily life?

Yes, mediation time but also time to just “flow”.

Now I am really good at “flow” days. Honoring my stillness to be in connection to myself and Divine in a different way. It is not the same as sleep. It is not the time to even consciously do inner work. The “inner work” is happening through the flowing of our deep listening to what do “I” want to do right now.  

It is time to be gentle with myself. A time for compassion to nurture my relationship with myself. Not to have to “do” anything to be loved, giving to others, growing spiritually or mentally but to love myself just as I AM in this Only Moment.

I am enough and can take care of “me”. It is a time to relax and open my heart. It is the practice of cleansing, rebalancing, restoring, integrating, and healing on a very deep level without conscious thought. It is important to value stillness as much as productivity.

Taking “flow days” or an hour or a few minutes fills my heart and spirit so that I can live my life from a place of a full overflowing love energy.  

When my heart and soul are empty I am giving out of “need” or “should”. It doesn’t mean that I cannot give to others but it means I am checking in with my Divine Wisdom to see what I need to do right now not from my ego.

“Flow” time allows me to integrate my life without my “doing”. To know that I am Unconditionally Loved just as I AM in this Only Moment… just by being.

  1. Set aside sometime each day to “flow” Maybe in a busy life you start with a cup of tea. Breathe, relax.
  2. Talk to your loved ones and let them know that “self-care” is important and you will take care of their needs when you have also taken care of your own.
  3. If possible take a longer break. A mini-vacation for just yourself..
  4. Feel the refreshing energy that fills your body.

I invite you to share in the comments below:

  1. How do you feel about self-care time?
  2. What are your wounded stories around self-care.?
  3. What role models did you have that did self-care?
  4. What do you do for self-care?
  5. What would you like to add to your life to refresh your spirit, heart & body?

Love & Blessings Diana Bonnici
Multi Dimensional Light Bearer❤️😇🙏🏻

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